Rich Nigerian women

Nigerian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world but there is a trait they have that I think must be banned by the government to help reduce infidelity amongst our men. Nigerian women must be banned from changing after marriage. They must be banned from ignoring how they look especially at home immediately they get married

Queen Esther in the bible was able to save her people because she took time to and improve her looks after she married her husband who was a great King that killed anyone that came into his presence invited including his wife. In fact when she did not take time to look her best, the King refused to call her months. It took a special makeover for the King to see her, be attracted by her looks  and invite into his presence to hear her after months

Nigerian women are great dressers and know how to take care of themselves as single ladies. Before they find a husband, they will buy the latest clothe and make up that will make the head of most men to turn. If you see most young Nigerian women that are still unmarried, you be amazed at how much they spend on themselves. They will go to amazing length to maintain their figure

But that is before Nigerian women get married, after they get married, most of them seems to heave a sigh of relief and say its now time to neglect their looks. For some strange reasons, after most Nigerian women get married, they tend to forget what got their husband attracted to them in the first place. Nigerian women will totally ignore how they look after they get married. They stop taking care of their looks and their figure.

My sister is a great dressed and she wedded in December 2014. But when she came to my house yesterday and removed her wig, I took a look at her hair and warned her not to ever allow her hair to look like that. I made her realise that its not what people see on the outside that matters but what her husband sees at home.

I have seen bone thin Nigerian women look obese less than two years after marriage. I know a girl that I was asking to take multivitamin to gain weight because she was looking too skinny. But when she sent me a friend request on facebook recently, I did not recognise her and had to really take a closer look at her face to know who she was. She had gained so much weight that I sent her a message to confirm if she really was the one.

If you do not take care of yourself as a woman, how would you expect your husband to still be attracted to you after marriage? I recently saw a post on facebook that showed an underwear that was labelled before and after marriage. I guess you can picture the before and after picture.

If a man sees an ugly woman at home and sees lovely ladies when he goes out, don’t you know that he will be highly tempted. I don’t know if Nigerian women are not  seeing what the young girls around them are wearing and realise that its becoming a threat to the survival of their family.

I will suggest that Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari must add to their campaign a promise to make Nigerian women to continue looking good after marriage. They must promise to ban Nigerian women from ignoring their looks so that we will not be having so much broken homes.



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