Nigerian pharmacy graduates have increased recently with the increase in the number of pharmacy schools. However, after recruiting a lot of young Nigerian pharmacy graduates for pharmacy owners in Nigeria, I have come to see that a critical quality for success is missing in a lot of fresh Nigerian pharmacy graduates.

That quality is the ability to translate the pharmacy theory of pharmacy school to pharmacy practical of working in a retail pharmacy.

A pharmacy business owner that I recruit for warned me not to bring any fresh Nigerian pharmacy graduates from Unilag seeking for employment to her any more. The straw that broke the camel back for her was when her intern pharmacist was asking her secondary school certificate holder salesgirl the name of a certain drug that a patient was asking for.

She almost fired the pharmacist on the spot. I have had a lot of experiences with fresh Nigerian pharmacy graduates that know next to nothing about the drugs to use when patients present them with cases. In fact I know some fresh Nigerian pharmacy graduates that will start flipping through their text books in front of a patient to look up a case that was presented to them.

Funny enough, fresh Nigerian graduates from private universities especially Madonna university seem to do better in clerking of patients.  The school I think needs to urgently do something about their products ability to convert theory into practice is UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS. A lot of my clients have had poor experiences with the practical knowledge level of their students. Although I think this might have to do with the number of Unilag graduates I get based on the fact that unilag is the only pharmacy school in Lagos.

I think its time that pharmacy students are examined just like medical students in patient clerking. That is, part of their clinical pharmacy exam needs to include getting a patient and asking them to attend to that patient. That way, the students will be forced to start striving to discover the practical application of their theoretical knowledge on time.

I will also advise Fresh Nigerian pharmacy graduates to take the confidence development course offered by KANSELOR UNIVERSITY to help them master how to operate when facing a patient

In summary,



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