Why Nigerian Pharmaceutical Companies Wither And Die

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies that are thriving are a source of joy to the community but recently a lot of pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria have been going under and I have come up with a key reason why pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria wither and die.

In the story of Jesus and the fig tree lies the key reason why pharmaceutical companies wither and die and if you can avoid these vital point, you can save your company from dying.

Here is a brief background. One day, Jesus was walking from Bethphage to Jerusalem when he saw a fig tree full of leaves and because he was hungry, he walked to the tree expecting to find some fig fruit. However, when he got to the tree, he found nothing and immediately he told the tree that no one was going to eat anything from it and by the next day, the tree withered and died.

Inside this story is the key to why pharmaceutical companies wither and die.

1. PRETENDING TO BE WHAT THEY ARE NOT – The fig tree was full of leaves when other fig trees had no leaves. A fig tree shows fruitfulness with fresh leaves while in its off season sheds leaves and looks bare. A lot of pharmaceutical companies will acquire cars, buy fanciful furniture but have sales team with little or no training. When their sales team are challenged by doctors, they show no result, they can’t make sales and the company wither and dies.

2. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT ON THEM – When Jesus cursed the fig tree, he did not touch the tree rather he caused the environmental forces supporting a plant to withdraw their support from the tree. The soil with held nutrient and water from the tree, the sun with held light from it, the atmosphere withheld C02 from it and the tree was deprived of key survival ingredients. Most pharmaceutical companies have not realised the power of the open market, pharmacy stores to their business. once these people withdraw their support to any pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, the company will wither and die. Its only a foolish M.D of a pharmaceutical company that with anger the open market operators in Nigeria. Jaykay industry once tried it and they almost withered and died.

3. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PRESSURE – What the sun did when jesus cursed the tree was to increase heat upon it without light. Normally, an unfruitful fig tree would survive the extreme heat because it will have no leave from which to evaporate water, except that this particular fig tree was filled with leaves and when the heat from the sun came upon it at night, it shed massive amount of water from its source of deception that was its leaves.

With massive loss of water through evaporation and none coming in from the soil, the tree immediately withered.

A pharmaceutical company that does not realise that the pressure its passing through is not the worse that can happen to it make start to project a false image of prospering such that when the government agencies comes after it, they will crush and kill it. Just like what happened to the manufacturer of MY PIKIN

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