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Recent fact about Nigerian cities have just been released showing centre places in Nigeria listed as the centre of the earth and that they are the best places to live in. Now these places are quite easy to find but unfortunately most Nigerians do not know how to locate these cities and I want to show you how to locate them. This is very important for those of you who are planning to travel out or relocate from where you are currently living.

But a brief background of How I discovered these Nigerian cities listed as the best place to live.

The story started in ancient Palestine where a man had two sons named Esau and Jacob. Esau was a hustler but Jacob had looked at the country where he was born and saw nothing good in it and therefore did not bother to do anything. Rather he would stay indoors from morning till evening.

Jacob also was swindling his brother from the business his brother was running but he finally did one job that made Esau want to kill him. His father had to get visa for him for another country called Haran and he immediately packed his bag to travel out of the country of Palestine that he had come to hate because he saw no future in it for himself.

He packed his bag immediately he got his visa and went to the border to travel out of the country but as he was waiting at the border to leave a country he felt had no future and was God forsaken, he fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream he saw a ladder from that country reaching up to heaven. He saw that the country he wanted to leave was full of angels ascending the ladder to heaven and coming down with great goodies to the country he wanted to check out from.

Then God himself spoke to him and showed him all the great things the country he was running away from had in store for him. Jacob woke up and suddenly realised that he had been living in a city that was the very gate way to heaven and never realised it. He had been daydreaming all his life about travelling out to find a great country to move to and thrive in without knowing that he had all his live been living in the middle of God’s paradise.

Jacob immediately lost interest in travelling out but because his brother was after him, he needed to be off the scene for a while but he promised God that he will serve Him if God brought him back safely after his brother may have forgiven him. You can read up the complete story in the Book of Genesis in the bible.

Now to the list of Nigerian cities listed as the centre of the earth, the first city is the city that you are currently living in. Do you realise that because the earth is a sphere, that every city on the earth is a centre point from every other place. Has it ever occurred to you that a city or country or even even you job can only bless you if you love it.

Nothing you do not love can bless you. If you start to see the city you live in as the best place to live, you would suddenly start to see it in another light. Lets imagine that you currently live in a very remote village, the probability that you would want to leave it is 100% but what if you discover that beneath your land  in that village is a gold mine with the largest reserve of Gold in the world, would you still want to leave that village?

As long as Nigerians do not realise that Nigerian cities are the best place to live in, then no Nigerian cities will yield her increase to Nigerians


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