Nigeria pharmacist, what are you doing to becoming successful? Do you know that the Kosher is the key reason why Jews are very rich? And here is why

Never lose your sense of dignity and selfworth. A slave has no sense of dignoty or selfworth and no man can ever succeed or excfell without a sense of dignity and elevated sense of selfworth.

What God di with Jewish after taking them out of Egypt was to give them a list of things that they could not each or touch. This made them start to feel a bit special because there were things that they could not touch because those things they believed would contaminate them.

The moemnt they began to obey the Kosher laws, it moved from being just a list of foods that they must not eat to a list of why they were special and thus certain kind of foods were beneath them.

No matter how low you may be in life if you could find anything that can give you a sense of been a special person, you would over almost any adversity.

God used this principle of forbiden foods and unclean animals to make the Jewish start to see them selfs above certain things and that certain things were below them. That also was transferred to people that ate those things that they felt were below them.

That way, they began to see people that they used to envy as being beneath them because these people ate what they considered as dirty.

Your self of dignity and selfworth are critical for your self. You body can achieve much in life if these two internal programming and not functional properly.

Thus, you must never allow anything affect your self of self worth, you must never allow anything reduce or diminish your sense of dignity.

A lot of pharmacists are tied in slavery other wise called sales rep job because their employers have destroyed their sense of dignity and just like the first generation of Israelite, a man with a destroyed sense of dignity or self worth will always go back to the person that destroyed their dignity because they now believe that they cannot survive without that person

Assess your sense of dignity as a Nigeria pharmacist to know if you still see yourself as a special person on your inside and most importantly, are you constantly aware of your feeling of self worth,

Without the knowing and a feeling of your elevated selfworth and sense of dignity, it will be difficult for you to succeed in life.

Thus to elevate yourself and have a true sense of self worth, you must start to walk away from certain things even if others are rushing to it. You must stop it because you see it as benetah you.

I stopped collecting jotters and pen from pharmaceutical companies even while in school because I convinced myself that they were beneath me and that has helped me maintian a great level of dignity and self worth because I do not see it as a favour for companies to give me free gifts because I see those gifts as beneath me.

Develop or work on your dignity and feeling and consciousness of self worth as a Nigeria pharmacist

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