Moving A Pharmacist Forward In Nigeria

The secrets to moving a pharmacist forward in business are what has been denied a lot of struggling pharmacists in Nigeria.

I want to share with you some concepts that can move your pharmacy forwards.

1.. Set clear operational plan- If you want to run a successful business, you must be able to draw up an operational plan that states clearly how everything should be done. This should cover everything from the very minute you open for business to when you close.

This means that you should stop telling your people what to do and start writing down what you want them to do and turnings those things into your policy. This way all excuses that your people usually give will disappear. Most importantly, important concepts that give results will be turned into long term working tools

2.. Have Weekly 20 minutes business review session – This is critical, works like magic but very very difficult to sustain. If you can start having weekly not more than 20 ┬áminutes review meeting, you will start catching issues that can advance or destroy your business.

This meeting must be focused on just review and way forward suggestions based on what happened the previous week. One of my client whom we introduced this to, was shocked by the second week from the discovery his people shared with him. There was a key product defect that customers had been complaining about almost on a weekly basis that no one told him about.

3.. Attend a leadership program and read one business book a month – moving a pharmacist forward depends majorly on how fast the brain of that pharmacist is moving. If your brain is working with a level of knowledge that is moving at 40 km/h, then you need to up grade your brain if you want to start moving at 290km/h.

So, increase your income by increasing the processing speed of your brain. Star attending courses like those offered by KANSELOR UNIVERSITY which is wonderful for small business owners.

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