I just realised today why few pharmacies are successful after my training today for staff of a big pharmacy in Nigeria, a successful retail pharmacy chain in Nigeria. I saw a crucial success driving trait embedded in  their  culture that they might not even be aware of but which I am sure is one of the critical success driving factor for a successful retail pharmacy chain in Nigeria.

And here is the secret but a little background first. A few months ago, Geneith Pharmaceutical limited invited me to conduct a business development training for some of their retail pharmacy customers. One of their customers that sent some people to the training was a big PHARMACY. That was two months ago.

Few days ago, I was reinvited by Geneith Pharmaceuticals limited to conduct the same training this time for just one of their big customers. I asked who the customer was and I was told it was the same PHARMACY. I was curious and wanted to know why they were organising a session just for just one PHARMACY. That was when I heard what amazed me and which is the secret to building a successful retail pharmacy chain in Nigeria.

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I was told that the staff that attended the open sessions went and met the management of the pharmacy and requested that the same training be organised for all their staff.

The management not only agreed to it but went as far as bringing their staff from as far away as Nassarawa state to attend the training.

I just finished the training that took us two days with the staff divided into batches so that over eighty of their shop floor staff  including pharmacists and non pharmacists could attend the sessions.

This tells me two things about why this PHARMACY is a very successful retail pharmacy chain in Nigeria

  1. They are willing to listen to their staff input on how to improve their operations because their asking for this training meant that they asked for feedback from the staff that attended the open training
  2. They will speedily implement ideas and suggestions from any staff that they think will grow their business. This is based on the fact that the staff they sent to attend the open session two months ago was just outlet assistants but based on the feedback from them, the management immediately set in motion processes to have the same training organised for most of their shopfloor staff not minding that it might interrupt their operations for the two days that the sessions lasted.

Am aware that for the open session  in various states, that we have had so far, over a hundred retail pharmacies have sent their staff but only one Pharmacy wanted more.

Just imagine what will happen to all small pharmacies in Nigeria if the owners and managers are constantly asking their staff for how to improve the operations of their business. And not only asking but actually doing something with the suggestions of their staff no matter the person’s level in the organisation.

This also tells me that ideas that can transform a big business can come from the staff in the lowest level in the organisation. This is a strategy that will definitely keep any PHARMACY as one of the most successful retail pharmacy chain in Nigeria.

I want to strongly suggest that owners of retail pharmacies doing business with Geneith Pharmacy should also ask the company to come and organise something similar for their company.

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  • September 9, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    What’s the deal with Healthplus Pharmacy? To many looking from the outside, it’s one of the biggest chain of pharmacies in Nigeria, and rightly so. The CEO and Founder no doubt has grown this mammoth of a business empire out of nothing and she has obtained several acclaims both domestically and internationally, but all these at what cost? I am a pharmacist at Healthplus and have been an employee there for some time now. As an insider, things are really not as they seem from the outside. As much as the CEO is revered by many as a strong business icon (only very few Nigerian women can measure up to her “achievements”) what many don’t know is that she is also a modern day slave driver. As I send this article, we haven’t been paid salaries for the month (it’s the 9th day of the month today) and this has been the recurring theme for over 2 years now. I’m not inconsiderate, I know the recession hit many big companies and I’m sure Healthplus was not exempted, however, how do you explain opening branches after branches month after month when you can’t pay your pharmacists their due wages. She forcefully uses our licenses and refuses to pay correspondence fees. She pays when she likes and how she likes without any form of apology or explanation. For her, if you can’t take it, take a hike. Pharmacists have not had a salary review for over 4 years now, and even the last review was such a travesty. It is clear the CEO willfully withholds our salaries and reinvests these ill-gotten wealth back into her business. She doesn’t care about the welfare of her pharmacists. All she cares about are the awards and accolades. There are cases where pharmacists have been forced to pay for losses where an outlet was robbed (in spite of the fact that these outlets are insured). Somebody has to come to our aid. Where is the NLC, where are the trade unions? We’re suffering at Healthplus. I had to send this post anonymously for obvious reasons. One thing is sure, I speak the mind of 99.99% of pharmacists of the “prestigious” Healthplus Pharmacy. This is not a rant, it is a cry for help. We have families to feed. SOS!!!!!


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