Medical Sales Rep: Great Training School, Horrible Source For Becoming Rich

medical sales medical salesMedical sales rep job is the easiest and fastest job most pharmacists get. But most pharmacists take the medical sales job for the wrong reasons and end up in poverty. I want to help explain to you how a medical sales rep job can make you very rich or bury you in debt.

Medical sales rep job is a great training ground for anyone that wants to understand what it takes to build a multimillion naira company.

1. As a medical sales rep, you are trained on how to be a good marketer. Marketing is a critical tool you need to succeed.Most companies that employ you as their medical sales rep will send you through a lot of trainings that are critical to becoming successful in life

2. You have the opportunity to make costly mistakes at little or no personal cost. You can take costly risks as a medical sales rep and when they fail your company will bear the cost.

3. You can run a business with another person’s money. A medical sales rep can use his company money to learn money management. He can learn to build sound financial culture with his company money.

4. A Medical sales rep can from his company see the critical roles that must be filled in an organisation for that organisation to be successful
If you go into the medical sales rep job with the above goals in mind, you will be prepared and trained on becoming successful at little or no personal cost to you.

Unfortunately, Medical sales rep job is a horrible source of becoming successful in life. What most people who pick up medical sales rep job fail to realise is that the job of a medical sales rep will never make you successful.
The Medical sales rep profession is structured in such a way that 90% of those who are there are unconsciously programmed for poverty and here is how

1. YOU SEE A LOT OF DAILY CASH – Because most medical sales rep see a lot of cash from the collections they are making, they fail to realise that the money does not belong to them and thus are not motivated to work extra hard for themselves

2. EASY TO GET JOB – Because a medical sales rep job is an easy to get job especially for pharmacists, most of the medical sales reps are scared of losing their job because they mentally think it will be difficult for them to get another job. This makes most medical sales rep to take peanut as salary even if they could get a better job

3. MEDICAL SALES SALES REP JOB DRAINS YOUR MONEY – Most reps when the pressure to meet their targets become very high, they will pull out all their saves and pay into their company’s account just to meet their target for the month.

4. MEDICAL SALES REP JOB KEEPS YOU FROM NOTICING THE PASSAGE OF TIME – Most medical sales rep are usually shocked to wake up one day and realise that they have put in more than seven to ten years of their lives as a medical sales rep but have little or nothing to show for it. The medical sales rep job keeps a medical sales rep on his or her toe day in day out because of the pressure to meet their target. This make them not to realise the number of years they have spent on the job only for them to wake up one day and notice that they have almost wasted 7 to 10 years of their lives with nothing to show for it.
My advise to all medical sales rep is this

1. SET A DAY OF RESIGNING ON THE DAY YOU PICK YOUR APPOINTMENT LETTER – Do not allow anything to distract you once this date is approaching

2. WORK MORE ON YOUR SELF THAN ON THE JOB – Your primary goal for taking a medical sales rep job must be to learn all it takes to run a big business. Thus make sure you work in a very good company and make sure you deliberately learn everything you can at every opportunity you get at the company expense

3. START TO BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS AT THE MIDDLE OF RESIGNATION DATE – Once you get to the half mark of the date you set to your resignation, start to slowly build your own company

4. DEVELOP A GREAT PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR COMPANY BEST CUSTOMERS – Make sure you personally know all the best customers of your company

5. NEVER BE DECEIVED BY ‘ WE HAVE A GREAT PLAN FOR YOU’ story. When you are good at the job and tell your company that you want to resign, most of them will start to ask you to relax because the company has a great plan for you. Do not let this deceive. Its a common industry practice that rarely get fulfilled


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