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To make money seems easy at first when you are still a corper until you are discharged by the federal government and that is when it will dawn on you that its not as easy as you thought.

I want to talk about what corper pharmacist must do to make money once they are discharged and I got this insight from observing two blind men that got healed when every other person was sent out at a funeral and I realised that buried in the action of these blind men was a key to make money by corper pharmacist who is about to be discharged.

When Jesus came to Jarius house according to the book of Mathew to heal his daughter who had already died, the crowd their started to mock Jesus and everybody had to be sent out. That was when Jesus was able to raise the little girl. But in the crowd of all the people who were disturbing and mocking Jesus were two observant blind men. They heard what was happening and waited to know what Jesus would do. In their blindness, they were monitoring Jesus to know if he could actually raise a dead girl.

As they waited suddenly there was a shout that the girl had been raised and these blind men got an insight. If Jesus could raise a dead girl, then fixing their blindness for them to see again would not be a problem and immediately they went after Jesus. They kept asking Jesus to help them but Jesus ignored them and kept walking home.

But these two blind men had seen a principle that worked and were very sure that it will work in their own situation and they kept following Jesus. Eventually, Jesus had to ask them what they want and they said they wanted to see and immediately he restored their sight.

A lot of corper pharmacists would like to know how to make money. Unfortunately, most of them are like the crowd that was mocking Jesus. All around them are businesses doing very well but most corper pharmacists are just like the crowd that took no notice of the great principle of raising a dead person been put into action.

Most corper pharmacists spend at least 11 months in a state that they have never been to. They also have nothing that would distract them from learning new things except the crowd that they are with. Unfortunately, most Corper pharmacists never learn how to make money by simply observing the rich people around them most of whom would readily want to talk to a corper who shows eagerness to learn from them.

One of my friends owns a very big pharmacy in Lagos. Unfortunately,the  Corpers working for him are all interested in how much they will make at the end of the month or their service year. Now of them has ever bothered to ask him the principles that are driving his success.

But once in a while, you meet pharmacists who want to make money. They do not care about what they are being paid. They just want to learn everything they can from the business model of a business that they can see is very successful. They know that with the principles they can gather after twelve months of NYSC, they can start to make money easily after graduation.

So to all corper pharmacists who want to make money, buy a note book, start to observe successful pharmacists in the area that interests you, make friends with them, then start to learn how to make money from them. Every night, write down all you learnt from them or from observing other successful business owners.

That book after 11 months will be your key to make money easily.


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