Lessons From The Little Nigerian Boy That Met The Wife Of God

Wife of God

Joyce Meyer told a story of how a little boy met the wife of God. The little boy felt the touch of God that he was very sure that he had met the wife of God. He felt the touch of God through the act of kindness of a Lady.

The Ajegunle boy was standing in front of a shoprite window on a Christmas Eve looking longingly at the shoes and dresses on display in the shop. A lady was passing by and saw the dirty looking boy staring at the goods on display. She took him by the hand and walked into the shop and bought him a pair of shoes, stockings and dresses. She asked the shop attendant for a bucket of warm water.

When the lady came out, she took him to the back of the shop. The lady gave the boy a bath and changed his dressing. The Lady then packaged the remaining items she bought for him and gave them to the little boy, then turned to walk away. The revelation hit the boy when she turned to go.

Immediately she turned to go, the little boy grabbed her dress and with tears in his eyes asked her “are you the wife of God?”

The little boy who had asked God to prove himself to him had a direct touch from a woman’s act of kindness.

Imagine how the woman would have felt at that moment when she was called the wife of God. You too can be touched by God if you can just show a little kindness.

We live in world full of terror and danger, that acts of kindness to a stranger would seem like foolishness. We have all contributed in creating a world where everyone is suspicious of those they do not know. We have made the world so formaland fearful that most of us do not understand what it means to be kind.

But once in a while, you will find people who remember to be kind no matter the situation. In fact your acts of kindness may be packaged a solution you have been looking for. I discovered this when I decided to help a stranger walking under the hot sun.

I was driving one day and saw a man walking along the road and decided to give him a lift. This was in a time when Nigeria was passing through a phase of Boko haram terrorist attacks. This was during a period when we all were suspicious of people from a particular section of the country. I did not mind all this but decided to help the stranger.

That single act turned out to be a very great decision. I had stopped to ask him where he was going to and he told me. His destination was in the direction I was driving and I asked him to get in.  We started talking as I drove. I found out that he was a creative designer and a webmaster. In fact he was the designer of a particular website that I greatly admired and have been looking for how to get the web designer.

I had been trying to get a local designer to help me sort out some issues with my creative design projects too. I had not been able to get anyone reliable up to that point. It had been a frustrating period for me. Suddenly from my little act of kindness I located someone who could very easily sort out my problem.

I then remember how Abraham got a son when he asked some strange men to come into his house to rest from the hot sun of the Palestine desert. He did not know he was entertaining God. At the end of the day, he was promised a son that came to him at the time predicted by the strangers.

A lot of people have been hurt as a result of their acts of kindness. Another group of people are so preoccupied that they do not see the opportunity to be kind. However, they fail to see that they may just be walking past the person who could solve their problem if they would only lend a helping hand.

It does not matter if you do not get rewarded immediately. Showing a little kindness could just be God manifesting himself through you to another person who is losing hope in life.

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