I once heard a story of a village girl that was employed as a maid in an up scale neighbourhood home. After the maid started to work, for some strange reason, the suddenly never ran out of toothpicks. No one noticed this miracle of multiplication of toothpicks until the day they hosted a very large gathering.

At the end of the event, the next morning the house mistress walked into the kitchen and saw her maid washing the toothpicks, drying them and placing them back in the container.

The girl knew that toothpicks were important but she did not understand why it had to be thrown away after a single use when it could be washed and reused again.

A lot of times, the reasons we see why something is done is a particular why may not be the main reason why it is done that way. This is also why when you try to do some of the things someone is doing, you will never get the great result that they are getting. You need to understand the underling motive behind an executive action and not just ht processes for getting that result. You may know the processes but when there is a need to innovate a little, you would get a completely different result.

This is also the reason why most students especially in delicate fields like medicine, are sent for internships because if you do not send them for intern-ship and they take the knowledge they got from school into the workplace, they would generate some dangerous results.

For instance, it took me a while to realise that a lot of the things I read in textbooks when applied as they were in the books would never give me the results that I was told they would generate. It took people with experience to point out to me the points that differed with what the text books said. For instance, I used to wonder why most companies where not manufacturing a lot of pharmaceutical products when the formulas were all in textbook. I also could not understand why companies still had trade secrets when the formula of the things they produced were in text books.

I never realised that if I had followed text book formulas, I would generate poisons instead of medicines.

So, coming to becoming a confident executive, if you see executives eating in a particular way, do not just pick up that habit and try to eat that way when you are eating. That style of eating may be just for a particular kind of meal. Eating other, meals that way will make you look foolish, thereby destroying the confidence you were trying to build in the first place.

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