Lessons For PCN From Why Liberia’s President Allowed Ebola To Ravage Some Of Her People


Will you have the courage to ask your security personnel to lock in very sick people and everybody in their town inside their town and ask your security officers not to allow anyone come out to get even their basic needs? That is the kind of decision the president of Liberia took and that is what true leaders are made of.

Becoming Successful means developing the skills required to see the bigger picture of all you are doing. You must look at the desired result you want to achieve and be willing to suffer some image damage and material loses if required, for you to achieve the end result which is becoming a confident and thus successful person that a lot of people will look up to.

Confidence and success always come from setting your eyes on the bigger picture and overall result you want to achieve. I remember during the peak of the Ebola virus epidemic in west Africa the critical but image damaging decision the President took.

Liberia was particularly hit by the virus and the President did something that only great leaders can do even if it will make their people hate them.

She located the epicenter of the virus and locked them in. The people living in those areas that was been raved by the virus where not allowed to leave their territory while no one except medical and security personnel were allowed into the secluded towns and area.

This kind of action requires great confidence but it can only come when you have developed the ability to see the bigger picture in anything you are doing. You need to know the difference between a war and a battle.

Winning all the battles but losing that war makes no sense. Most low confidence people try to win the battles by trying to please everyone and making everybody like them. But confident and successful executives determine what they want and would focus on getting there even if it warrants their offending and isolating some of their people.

The Liberian president for instance considered the overall interest of the people in the nation she was leading. Her judgment call was that it was better to sacrifice some communities and save the nation rather than try to please everyone and suffer the huge lose to her nation’s population.

Your ability to look at the big picture will determine the extent to which you will become successful as a top executive.

Pharmacist council of Nigeria council members must look at the bigger picture and do whatever is necessary to move their profession forward even if it means sacrificing some jobs of some key people.

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