Lesson From Bishop Oyedepo Refusal To Get Into A Mud Fight With The U.K Govt

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A few days ago, a newspaper in United Kingdom published a letter showing that Bishop Oyedepo had been banned from entering the united Kingdom. The news was flying around in the social media but an amazing thing was happening. And its from it that I want to draw a lesson for Nigerian pharmacist.

The Bishop refused to respond to the allegation and because there was no response, the news just seems to have fizzled away. This taught me a lesson that Rich Nigerians do not get into mud fights. They never get into a verbal or other fight without conducting a risk benefit analysis.

It is usually difficult for most people to take an insult without firing back but for sometime now, I have been intrigued by some very successful and confident Nigerian like Aliko Dangote, Bishop Oyedepo, Mike Adenuga e.t.c These men never get drawn into a mud fight. That is a fight were someone just for some reason or another starts to attack you.

I could not understand it because when the fight starts, their names are tossed around in the public domain yet for some reason, they never get involved. It took Guy Kawasaki to help me understand it. He said when someone attacks you online, you should never offer more than one reply to his attack because the more he attacks and you reply, the long the issue will drag on.

These successful Nigerians with issues that they see will just draw them into a mud fight, without any great benefit to them for getting into the fight, they simply avoid the fight no matter the strong desire or temptation to get into it. After all when you are in a mud fight with another person , passers by will just conclude that you are a dirty person that is why you are getting involved. Its more like trying to fight a mad man on the street for insulting you. Both of you will be classified as mad men.

So, try as much as possible to avoid fights that even if you win will cost you so much. Allow your opponent to go with his little victory rather than get dragged into a fight that you know from the beginning is of no benefit to you even if you win.

In the office, there are fights you must never get into even if you know you will win the fight. Always keep your eyes on the bigger picture. If you engage in the fight whether verbal or physical, both of you will be reprimanded even if the other person gets a more severe punishment. So you need to learn to look at some fights especially those you are very sure you will win, and walk away from them because in a mud fight, no one ever comes out clean.

When it is a fight you want to get into, do a risk benefit analysis and let the benefit greatly outweigh the risk before you get into the fight

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  • August 21, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    The mentality of the rich is far different from the mentality of the poor.I have come to realize that what makes you to succeed is more of attitude not ability.Good write-up.More of His Grace


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