Learn How To Get God To Talk To You And The 3 Books God Wants Nigerian CEOs To Read


I usually laugh at people when they say God talked to them but I have come to discover with my walk with God that he actually talks to people. I now have found away that anyone can use to hear God.

I was reading today the book of John in the bible when I came to the part where Nicodemus came to see Jesus by 11pm. After the question of born again, Nicodemus asked Jesus “how can this be…….?”

And as I was reading the reply of Jesus where Jesus said ” Are you a teacher of Israel and no not these things?”. Suddenly I heard something, stopped and read that reply again.

As I read and meditated on this reply, it hit me that Jesus was telling Nicodemus that if he was a teacher there are certain things that he must know about which it will be silly of him to ask questions.

I then¬†heard on my inside that if I am a pharmacist, I must know everything about running a pharmaceutical business because Jesus was asking me too “are you a pharmacist and asking questions about how to register and grow a pharmacy business.”

Then I heard, “are you about to go and raise millions from investors and know nothing about how to structure a multimillion naira deal. Immediately I heard this on my inside, it hit me that though I was a business management expert but that I really did not understand how to put together a mega deal yet I was going to talk to a group of investors who are gurus in businesses and investments to invest millions in my online business idea, in an industry I had no prior expertise in.

I then instantly remembered three books that I accidentally came across that have been described as a must for anyone who wants to take a small idea and turn it into a mega business. I suddenly had this strong urge to immediately buy them.

I know that some people still have not seen how God can talk to the them. Here is it in plain language. Pick a book of the bible and start reading. Immediately any reverse seems to stand out a bit or just tugs at your heart, stop and focus all your attention on that verse.

aThen, read that verse again and again, suddenly, you will be amazed at how inspiration that you do not understand will start flowing in your mind. Once this starts, get a paper and start writing them down because they will vanish again and that verse will suddenly become ordinary again.

Note that the words or verse that just out may be as simple as ” And God said..”¬† or also long as a full parable.

Now for the three books, they include

1. Lean startup by Al Ries

2. Business Model generation by Alexander Osterwalder and

3. Step by step guide to building a great business by Steve Blank. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any in Nigeria but I think business day newspaper bookshop has one of them . you can get them on amazon though



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