Successful companiesBuilding successful companies require one key trait that if you have, you are guaranteed of success in life. And here is how Jesus demonstrated that trait which most great leaders have.

Jesus was  walking by a fig tree one day and was hungry. He saw green leaves on the tree and went to see if he could find some figs on it. When he found non, he cursed the fig tree and the tree dried up.

The question you may ask is why he cursed a tree after all it was not the season for the fig tree to produce. And in that lies the trait of great people who build successful companies.

That trait is that people who want to build successful companies don’t take excuses from people and systems they have trained to deliver results. The fig tree was designed to produce fig. It chose to produce leaves and if it has leaves, then it’s designer or owner will not take any excuse from it for not producing. Successful companies CROss are focused primarily on delivery of results and not wonderful excuses.

Contrast the fig tree with the sea of Galilee. Peter had worked on the sea all night but caught nothing. The sea did not respond to Peter until Jesus showed up. Now you need to understand the sea of Galilee. The water in the sea is very clear that in the day time, you can almost see the bottom of the sea. The fishermen could only fish at night because during the day, the fish in the sea could see them drop the net and swim away from the net.

The sea therefore had wonderful excuses not to yield fish to anyone fishing by day. But the sea also knew that to the person that gave it the ability to hold water, no excuse was good enough.

so, when Jesus showed up by the sea and asked Peter to cast his net into the sea, the sea of Galilee knew it had to produce a good result despite the fact that it had wonderful reasons not to send a single fish into that net. The sea knew that once a person who does not take excuses was around, it had to yield results. The sea immediately directed its current to carry the fishes into the net and the net was full.

Unlike the sea, the fig tree sensing Jesus was around and hungry had the ability to immediately produce but it chose to stick with its wonderful excuses and that cost it it’s existence.

The moment you stop taking excuses and fire anyone that gives you excuses rather than result no matter how plausible the excuse may be, you will be amazed at the ingenuity of your people to produce great results just like the sea of Galilee.

Successful companies owners do not take excuses. They would only take the results first and here the excuse later. Other company owners take excuses and rarely see results later. To become a successful companies owner, you must develop the trait of not taking excuses no matter how great. Your people may saw you are illogical but I promise you that illogical people own successful companies while logical ones own mediocre companies. Become a successful companies owner by developing a no excuse trait.

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