If Christianity where to be a business brand, its financial worth will run into all the currencies in the world raised to the power of one trillion dollars. So how did one man start a small organisation that current has over over three billion living active members. I have studied the model Jesus used in building Christianity and these are what I discovered

1. HE TOOK TIME TO STUDY THE EXISTING BUSINESS MODELS – Jesus took thirty years of his life to study the business model of the sadduccees and the Pharisees. He went to Jerusalem to hear them talk and studied the flaws in their system LESSON- Do not rush off to start a business even if you think you are qualified to run the business. Take time to critically study the leading players to see their weaknesses that you can capitalise on

2. STATE CATEGORICALLY WHAT YOUR MISSION AND VISION ARE – Jesus from day one said the spirit of God was upon him to preach good news to the poor, heal the sick and bring sinners back to God. He never deviated from these three core despite the other things he could have also done LESSON – Your success depends more on the opportunities you refuse to make than on the ones you take. You must from day one know your goals and focus on it

3. SELECT THE BEST TEAM WITH EXPERIENCE – Jesus did not have any recent graduate on his team when he launched off. They came on board when he had built a team. For instance Peter, James, John and Andrew were already in the fishing business so it was easy to teach them how to fish men. Mathew was a tax accountant so it was easy to get him to keep accurate record of what Jesus was doing. LESSON never start a new business with novices. Poach people with experience from other companies and that will make your job easier.

4. ONCE YOU START, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE immediately Jesus had his team in place, he launched off with such a speed that amazed most people. A chart of what he travelled in three years can void the warrantee of most cars. He barely slept, focusing so much energy in getting as much done as possible everyday. LESSON once you start your business, give it your utmost attention. You need to realise that 90% of new businesses fail in the first five years. Your primary goal must be to survive the first five years and making great use of every second you have within the first five years becomes very critical.

5. FOCUS ON TRAINING YOUR PEOPLE Jesus focused his attention on his team. He will talk to the crowd in parable but explain the parable in detail to his disciples. LESSON- Focus on building your team and those customer that buy into you business. You can not please everybody. Attend to all customer but focus on the people that have caught your vision. Then give your team the best training even to your discomfort.

6. START WITH PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE BUT FOCUS ON THE TOP PRIZE – Jesus started with Galilee where new doctrines were easily acceptable. He only went to Jerusalem the capital of religion after he had built enough momentum. LESSON- Do not start off a business and immediately for after the best customers of the big plays. Build a base by capturing the easy customers so as to build your confidence and finance to help you face the major market but never lose sight of the fact that you are targeting the lucrative market no matter how much the customers you have love you.

7. THE TEAM THAT STARTED WITH YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU THE QUANTUM LEAP – Even up to his crucifixion, some of his disciples did not believe in him. He compensated for that by asking people with potentials to follow him. In fact he had to get people like Saul on his team for his organisation to experience the quantum leap. LESSON – Focus on getting better staff because some of the people that started with you may become a clog to you in future

8. NEVER TAKE PUBLIC INSULT FROM YOUR PEOPLE QUIETLY – Peter at a stage felt he had the right to publicly rebuke Jesus. When peter rebuked him and Jesus turned to see that the other disciples where looking at him, he immediately rebuked Peter. LESSON – Never allow any staff to display any power he or she has over you publicly. No matter how important a staff may be, if they challenge publicly put them down. You may later apologise to the staff in private but never allow your team think that one of them is bigger than the boss. –

9. DEVELOP YOURSELF AS YOU GROW-Jesus will always go to a queit place to pray once in a while, he will go alone to the desert to communicate with God and assess his progress. LESSON – You must take out time to attend seminars, training and mentorship sessions. Never have the same level of knowledge after every six months. You must attend at least one training or conference every calendar quarter.

10. DIVINE FAVOUR IS CRITICAL – Jesus performed some miracles that only divine favour can empower. LESSON-  You need to understand that there is a God that orders the affairs of every business and you must strive to be in his good book. Guy Kawasaki employed by steve Jobs of Apple computer said the only reason apple survived when Steve was initially kicked out was because a divine hand wanted the world not to lose some great invention. He said the company was almost sold for scrap just days before Steve Jobs was pleaded with and convinced to come back and save the company.


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