Kenneth Hagin Protege (A PASTOR) Throws Grandson Into Deep Swimming Pool


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Pastor Kenneth Hagin Protege thought me a great lesson today about life.I got the greatest revelation today after listening to a pastor Mark Harkin share his story of throwing his three year old grand son into a deep swimming pool. The three year old and his father had come to visit his grand father who had earlier paid for him to take swimming lessons.

The father of the boy was just boasting about how good the little boy was in swimming and how he could swim very well. The young man hearing all the great things been said about him said in his childish voice that he could swim very well. Mark Hankin said he gently picked up the proud little boy and tossed him into the deep side of the swimming pool in their house.

The little man started to swim and toss in the water and after a little while started to sink. His father was too shocked to say anything until the grandfather turned to him and said if I were you, I will get into that pool and get that boy out of there.

When his father brought him out, Mark Harkin who studied under kenneth Hagin said to him, Before you boast about someone’s ability, make sure that the person has been tossed into the deep water of that experience.

How many times have you thought or boasted that your ability or skill because you did something very well at your current level. In a shallow pool where his feet could touch the water, the grandson could swim like a fish but in a water where his feet could not touch the floor of the pool, the little boy was rudely awakened to the fact that what he knew or his skill was not good enough to survive a life challenge.

I have seen a lot of pharmacists stop reading and still feel that they are very good at what they did, I have seen people who call themselves experts rarely try to improve themselves in any area of their life and still go for great opportunities. Most of them are usually shocked by what they discover about themselves.

A lot of people when it comes to faith feel that they have enough faith to move mountains and would never ever attend a faith lesson. They can point to the the time their faith helped them get a job or healed their child of fever without knowing that if they are tossed into the crises of losing their job and not getting another one for the next six month, that they will switch religion or that when their child is found to have cancer, they would rush to the witch doctor in their village.

Never boast about your skill or ability until your are tossed into a life experience that would have made others drown but you stayed afloat.

No matter how good you are at playing for your street football club or singing at your church choir, let it not deceive you into believing that you can play without training for Barcelona or that you can sing better that  Celine Dion. Most importantly, do not allow experiences show you that you are deficient, go and get trainings and expose yourself to deeper pools of your career while a coach is around because if you think you already know too much and do not go to get the necessary field test to tell you that you are truly good, they you might be disgraced at a crucial point when you want to display your ability.

Kenneth Hagin teaches about faith but did if after a near death experience, Pastor Mark Hankins works with faith after seeing his wife healed by faith of a cancer doctors said could not be operated upon. What experience do you have?

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