Sunday pharmacy business – A mother with a sick child rushed into one of the health facilities in Lagos on a Sunday morning. The doctors saw her child and immediately wrote out some emergency medications for her to buy. She rushed out but was shocked to discover that all the five pharmacies close to that hospital were locked because it was a SUNDAY.

Sunday Pharmacy business is one area of practice that religious pharmacy avoid because they see t as engaging in business on a Sunday. They fail to see it as a practice to save lives on a Sunday and not just a Sunday pharmacy business. A lot of lives are being lost of Sunday because most pharmacists do not open on Sunday. A lot of pharmacists think that Sunday pharmacy business is against their religion however Jesus on whose principles Christianity is founded did most of his healing on the Sabbath day.

However, I personally think that Sunday pharmacy practice is a must for all retail pharmacy owners. We all have relatives and if one of the relatives of a pharmacist falls sick in a community on a Sunday and dies because all the retail pharmacies did not open on a Sunday, I wonder how the pharmacist will feel. Now most pharmacists reading this will say God forbid but are you aware that the relative of another pharmacists might be living by you and can fall sick on a Sunday only to get to your pharmacy and find it locked.

What Christian pharmacists need to understand is that they are practising pharmacy primarily to save lives and not to make money. And people fall sick everyday of the week. Not just days but minutes of the day.

I do not think that pharmacies should have a choice to decide which days to open. Every pharmacists must understand that they owe the nation an obligation to save lives everyday. if the law of the nation protects pharmacy practice by restricting those who can practice pharmacy, then the law must place the responsibility of ensuring that the sick can readily access drugs by mandating that all registered pharmacy must operate on every day of the year.

I recall suffering from a massive diarrhoea on Christmas day a few years back. because no pharmacy was open, I  had to resort to local remedy of fresh Akamu (pap) and Guinness small stout to held me mange the diarrhoea.

Its because patent medicine shops run everyday of the week that most communities value them more than the community pharmacy because they know it will be open even on a Sunday when they urgently need to buy drugs.

Just like the law does not allow those in the military and paramilitary to go on strike, no pharmacy must be allowed to decide days on which to open or close. If pharmacists say its their business and can decide what to do with their business, then the government might just have to throw the practice open to anyone who is ready to run a week long pharmacy practice. This is because Nigerians also fall sick on a Sunday and all sick Nigerians have a right to buy their drugs any day of the week.

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