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Intern pharmacist jobs at a teaching hospital is the dream of all Nigerian intern pharmacist jobs seekers. They all want to work where they will be making hefty pay without realising the expensive cost of that decision.

Intern pharmacist jobs are usually seen as a launching pad for most young pharmacists. They all see it as an opportunity to make so much money and would wait for months just to get intern pharmacist jobs in a federal govt hospitals. Most will wait for months an even up to a year just to get a high paying job.

This is where most intern pharmacist miss it. They fail to realise that every second that passes is a part of their life that has been wasted if it was not utilised to achieve anything. It getting your NYSC discharge certificate was what you need to grab a major opportunity in life but you miss your call up because you and your friends are are looking for an intern pharmacist jobs at federal institutions.

Young pharmacists waiting for intern pharmacist jobs must realise that life is wasted in seconds and not in years. The people you see old and poor did not get old and poor suddenly. They got there one second at a time. A waste of one second here and a waste of one second there equals years of wasted life.

Why wait for intern pharmacist jobs at  high paying federal institution and miss greater opportunities that finishing your service will bring you. Intern pharmacist jobs are easy to find but most of the approved locations are ignored because the your pharmacists are placing immediate gratification over accelerated advancement in life.

Nothing should stop you from moving very fast along the path of your destiny even if it means taking intern pharmacist jobs at retail pharmacy premises.

I have pasted a list of PCN approved internship premises in Nigeria here so that you can select a place immediately and move ahead with your life rather than place your life on standstill just because you want to get an intern pharmacist job that pays millions.

Ask any fully registered pharmacist and none of them can account for the hundreds of thousands they were paid at their intern pharmacist jobs places. This means the only advantage you and your friends will get from getting high paying intern pharmacist jobs is that you get to boast about it years later after you cannot really account for what you did with the money.

Do not waste months waiting for intern pharmacist jobs at government institutions and waste months of your life and miss early discharge from NYSC.

Its better to get low paying intern pharmacist jobs as early as possible so that it will help you start making the big money sooner than your colleague because you will be discharged months before them by NYSC.


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