Inspiring Money And Happiness Lesson From A Picture Of Melinda In Africa

Money and happiness

This is the most inspiring picture about money and happiness that I have come across. Most of us are actively looking for ways to get more money and happiness but very few of us really know what true wealth is . I want to ask you a simple question.

Who do you think is the white lady carrying a bucket of water on her head on a dusty road in a village in Africa? What if I told you that she is a wealthy woman? Most Rich Nigerians will probably brush her off the road, thinking she is just a small white girl that an African boy married and came to show her to his parents.

Just looking a her now, all you can still see is just a water carrying white lady and you respect her a bit for that. What if I told you her name is Melinda and she is from a rich American family. Your respect for her will increase.

What if I told you you that her name is actually Melinda Gates and she is the wife of Bill Gates,owner of Microsoft and the richest human being on this planet.

Suddenly, you now would want to show her to your whole family and invite her to your home.

A lot of us make the mistake of judging people we meet by their appearance. We already have preconceived notions of what money and happiness and power looks like and most times will not even notice it when it’s right under our nose.

Most importantly Melinda Gates has changed completely my notion about money and happiness. I am very sure that no Nigerian millionaire will ever agree to carry a bucket of water not to talk about a multimillionaire.

Money and happiness usually come in forms that most of us will miss. A lot of us attach some much meaning to money and happiness and power that we miss the true essence of Life.

Jesus for instance could have been born in the best palace of his time but he did not see anything wrong in using a manger as a delivery room for his arrival.

As I look at Melinda Gates I think of the number of times I refused to do something or go somewhere because of what people may say or how they may perceive me.

Most of us have this challenge when we think money and happiness and  power are at stake. We place so much emphasis on what we see on the outside and use it to interpret as signs of money and power. But those who have massive money and happiness and  power rarely think of what they have on the outside. It’s what they have on the inside that they know is their massive wealth.

They rarely care about what people perceive them to have in terms of money and happiness and  power. Just like Jesus, they focus more on their internal wealth which include wisdom, knowledge, understand humility, a generous heart, fear of God and respect for man.

The truly wealthy like Melinda Gates don’t care about riding in the best cars because they have gotten to a stage in life where they have come to understand that their is more to life than money and power.

I thank Melinda Gates for her humility and helping to remind us about what true money and happiness is all about. Money and power is really about helping to make the world a better place. Once you focus on using whatever job or skill you have to make the world a better place, money and power will flow to you in quantity beyond what you would care for.

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