How We Can Become Great Leaders And Make People Do What You Want

Great leaders

I am sure that we all want to become great leaders and would also want to get people to do what you want. Unfortunately,most of us don’t know how great leaders initiate their greatness. Unlike great leaders, most of us are loners but would really love to make friends.

I too used to be in that place and to some extent am still there. I usually find it difficult to make friends and most times did all I wanted to do by myself But I knew that was not the route great leaders took to becoming successful. I wanted to be like the great leaders around me and started to search for the tools that will help me achieve my goal. I found the major tool great leaders start off with in the bible.

Jesus in the bible during his first encounter with his key disciples showed me how anyone can become a great leader. In Luke account of the story, Jesus was preaching and after preaching, he turned to the fishermen that owned the boat and asked them to cast their net into the sea for a catch, after which he asked them to follow him. In Mathew and Mark account, Jesus walked up to four fishermen and asked them to follow him. I found that this was a unique feature among all great leaders all over the world.

the secret is that great leaders approach others first and do not wait for others to approach them. Great leaders would always walk up to customers coming into their shop and welcome the customer first before the customer speaks.

You and I will always follow people who approach us first rather than people we approach especially when we are in an unusual environment.

For instance if you get a new job, your best friend most likely will be the first person that walks up to you and introduces him or herself to you and initiate conversation with you while others are still minding their business.

I remember a function I attended and made only two friends there. These were the only two people who approached me and initiated conversation with me.

I also discovered that my number of friends only increased when I began to reach out to people.

Try this in whatever sphere of operations you are in. Start to genuinely reach out to people. Start to look out for people who seem to be a bit confused or lost when they are around you and initiate conversation. I promise you that if you work on this habit, no force on earth can keep you from becoming a great leader.

If you try it with most of your customers, no force will stop you from tripling your sales in a very short time.

If this strategy helped Jesus and others become great leaders, you too can deploy it in your business or office to become a great leader and also very successful in your area of operations.

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