How To Use Your Facebook Addiction To Achieve Your Goals In Life

facebook addiction

Although we will never admit it, but most of us are suffering from facebook addiction or rather social media addiction.

Its rare to be with someone and they don’t take out their phone at least twice every hour to check something on the social media. ┬áSocial media addiction especially facebook addiction is now so strong that most people would feel like running mad if you take away their phones or deny them access to the social media.

I am currently suffering from facebook addiction myself. I check my facebook page at least once every hour. I Have been finding it frustrating with this my facebook addiction because it distracts me a lot. But it never occurred to me that there was a way I could put my facebook addiction to great use and here is how my facebook addiction has been helping me tremendously.

I love setting daily goals one of which is to read three chapters of the bible every morning. However, most times for days, I would not read my bible. My frustration too was that my time was taken over by my facebook addiction and here is the simple thing I did because I almost automatically reach for my facebook immediately I get out of bed to see what had happened during the few hours I was asleep.

I told myself that I will not check my facebook on any day until I have read three chapters of the bible. Since I started this, there has never been a day that I don’t finish the three chapters of the bible every morning.

Because my facebook addiction is so strong, it has made me become more committed to reading three chapters of the bible every morning so that I can quickly see the latest gist on facebook and Whasap. I have also extended it to my evening when my social media addiction is strongest. I have committed to reading certain number of pages of business books every evening before clicking on any social media icon on my phone or laptop.

Because my body urgently wants to know what is happening on social media, it focuses my mind on reading the bible or the book so that I could read the set number of pages as soon as possible in the shortest possible time.

Its time for you too to derive some positive benefit from your facebook addiction if you are like me or other social media addiction.

Simply pick a goal you have been putting off for a while or a goal that you know will positively change your life. commit to working on that goal for a certain number of hours everyday before you open any social media app. You will be amazed at how your mind will breeze through a task that you have been postponing so that you can free it to look at facebook or whasap or twitter.

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