I want to show you an easy way to save a pharmacy from decay that is currently killing a lot of  pharmacies in Nigeria. A few years ago, I walked into one of the best looking pharmacies in Nigeria. I was aware by what I saw and the clients coming in to patronize them showed that people appreciated what they saw in the pharmacy. A few years later when I visited that same pharmacy, I could not believe what I saw. I was looking like an upgraded patent medicine shop. I could not believe the decay that I saw in the pharmacy in terms of infrastructural decay.

As should be expected, the sales had dropped accord to the decay in the pharmacy. So, here is how you can save a pharmacy from decay.


  1. REPAINT EVERY TWO YEARS – Decay in a pharmacy usually starts the paints as people touch the walls and  dust settle on the wall. You need to repaint your wall regularly at least every two years so as to help it main a new look. Its also good to paint your pharmacy wall with washable paints so that you can easily wash it during the year when there is a stain on it

  2. HAVE SIX LIGHT BULBS ON STANDBY – A friend once went to a pharmacy where the only light they had was candle lights. This happened because as the light bulbs were dying one after the other, the pharmacy owner was just managing with the fewer and fewer light bulbs until the day the last bulb burnt out and his premises was thrown into total darkness. The solution to this is to always buy at least a roll of light bulbs and from it replace any one that burns out in your shop. So to save a pharmacy from the curse of poor light which usually happens when light bulbs are burning out, make sure you have enough spare bulbs.

  3. HAVE GLASS CLEANING SPRAY AND SHELF GUM – To save a pharmacy from decay, the pharmacy own must have a glass cleaning fluid for daily cleaning of all glass shelves and doors or windows in the premises. that will keep the shelves and doors looking sparkling new all the time. The shelf gum is for fixing parts of the shelves when any small part starts to peel off. Its neglect that usually lead to big peels on shelves and this can be solves by having some gum with which to glue the broken or shaky parts back to get.

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