How To Predict What Muhammadu Buhari Will Do If Elected As Nigeria’s President


When George H.W Bush was the president of America, he took America to the Gulf war and was more of a fighter but amazingly after Bill Clinton took over from him, he withdrew American soldiers from war and avoided most battles including the war at KOSOVO that everybody was practically begging America to get into. Then George Bush Jr took over and immediately reversed everything that Bill Clinton did. He threw America back into war again. Then Obama took over from Bush and started withdrawing American soldiers from the battle field even when the generals were telling him that it was a premature action.

Obasanjo was a brash, rude, arrogant president that fought his enemies with EFCC. But when his time was up, he put in the Yar adua / Goodluck team and they went in the total opposite direction of what Obasanjo stood for and that pissed Baba off.

There is a usual tendency for leaders to go in the total opposite direction of what they predecessor did. King Hezekiah in the bible was a very religious man but when is son Manasseh took over, he was evil incarnate. Then when Manasseh’s son Josiah became king, he went back and undid what his father had done.

You can thus predict that If  Muhammadu Buhari is elected as the next president of Nigeria, he will go in the total opposite direction of whatever Jonathan and done. He will pull own what ever GEJ had built whether good or bad and will build whatever GEJ has pulled down whether good or bad. It is not a matter of whether he will be better or not but a matter of most successors going in the opposite direction of their predecessor.

The question for Nigerians to ask themselves before voting is if they like what Goodluck Jonathan has done so far. If Nigerians really like what Jonathan has done and want to maintain it, they must vote for GEJ but if they do not like what he ha done so far, then then should vote for Buhari. Its more of looking at what GEJ has done and asking ourselves if we want it or not because if Buhari gets in, he will definitely pull them. But if we hate what GEJ has done so far, we better vote for Buhari because he will pull down those things that GEJ did that we don’t like

This does not just apply to political leadership changes . In business, if you are a visionary and have big dreams for your organisation, you will be working on the vision with people who know how to carry out instructions. However, most people who are good at carrying out instructions are also practical minded people who work with facts an figures. So, when there is a leadership change, its most likely that the change will bring in someone who will move in the total opposite direction from you. So, you must be courageous enough to know that your successor in an office will do things you totally disagree with.

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