How To Know If Your Pharmacy is Really Relevant To Your Community

The Christmas season has just come and gone. During the season, a lot of pharmacists in retail practice travelled and closed their businesses for the season but what most of them did not realise is that this is a period to judge the level of their relevance to their community. The big question you need to ask yourself is ‘ Did my community miss my absence during the time my premises was closed? This will tell you how relevant your business is to your community

Finding the answer to that question is very critical to your success in 2015 and also very easy to discover.

How many people called you to find out when you were resuming? How many angry customers shouted at you for being insensitive by travelling and locking your shop knowing that they where not going to travel? How many people came to ask your security guard when you would be resuming.

If people around your community did not do any of these, then I am sorry to inform you that you are not so relevant in that community and that even if your business closes down, only your landlord  will truly miss you that is if you pay your rent on time.

So, before you jump into resuming your business for the year, analyse and determine how relevant your business was to your community. In my area for instance, a supermarket where those of us in the community shop closed for just the 2nd of January and when they resumed on the 3rd, we almost spanked them. We could not believe that they could be so insensitive as to close down for a whole day. If they had closed for more than a day, most of us will have used calls to force them to open for business. That means that they are very relevant to our community.

You must find out how relevant your business is to your community and start to realign your business now so that it can truly be relevant to your community this year. Its only truly relevant Pharmacy premises that can succeed this year because the Nigerian economy is passing through an economic challenge and only relevant business will survive it. So unless yours is relevant, better start to look for another form of business to switch to or go pick up employment in a government hospital where you still get paid whether you are relevant or not.

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