Normally some of our clients after shortlisting their candidates invite us to interview a pharmacist or pharmacists that they want to employ. This is because they have learnt that there are certain questions we ask during interviews that help them see who the best candidates are for them.

Although we conduct telephone interviews for some of our clients, we just want to share with you a few tips that will help you interview a pharmacist and see immediately if she or he has what you need in you system.

The first thing you must get clear at the beginning when you want to interview a pharmacist is to ask him or her if they are going to stay for at least a minimum of 12 months. You do not want to hire and after two months the pharmacist will tell you that they have gotten another job somewhere else. Also, you will be training them after the interview and that will cost you some money. What you do not want to hear that they are leaving after a few months or they will have to refund you the cost of the training or at least two months salary (remember to include this in the appointment letter)

Once you get the duration issue sorted out, you then get to ask the pharmacist about him or herself and their background. What you are looking for is culture fit with your own business culture. You dont want to employ someone who thinks that a pharmacist should be sitting in the office and patients sent in to see him. You do not want to employ a pharmacist that has cultural bias towards a certain people.

As you interview a pharmacist for a job position, you must know the qualities you are looking for in a pharmacist which will serve as your minimum standard.

The next thing is to ask the pharmacist to tell you about a disease condition. I normally use malaria. I would ask the pharmacist to tell me how does fever manifest in a patient starting from the point the mosquito bites the patient. I want to hear all the stages that the parasite goes through from getting into the blood stream to the manifestation of the fever. You do this with at least two disease conditions. This will help you separate the dullards from the smart ones.

Next you check the business savvy of the pharmacist by asking him how he can make at least N10,000 from a simple disease condition like eczema or even malaria.

Next you talk about salary and how much he will grow the sales by every month if you pay him or her what they are asking for.

Then comes the most important part. On the job interview. I have from experience seen that  a lot of pharmacists know the theory of pharmacy practice but perform woefully on the job. So to interview a pharmacist for the job, the last stage will be to ask him or her to come for an on the job interview where they attend to some patients.

Finally, you call their referees or last place of employment just to be sure that you are not dealing with a fraudster

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