How To Hire Pharmacist, fire Pharmacist, Keep The Best Pharmacist & Staff

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No matter the kind of pharmacy or business you run, one critical success factor is hiring best pharmacist or staff and firing the wrong one as soon as you notice them. I just fired two of my clients staff whom he had known were under performing but he somehow could not build enough confidence to fire them. I also have helped another client employ one of the best pharmacist ever.

No matter what you do, you will always have two pools of talent to select your pharmacists and staff from and if you do not know that there are two pools by now, then I am sorry to say that your organisation is currently full of garbage pharmacists and staff.

The first pool of staff are those I call the desirable staff. These are the people that are solving more problems for you than the ones they are causing. They are bringing in much more revenue for you than what it is costing you to maintain them both financially and emotionally.

The second pool of staff are the AVAILABLE STAFF. These are those staff that are costing you more to maintain than what they are bringing in. They do what you ask them to do but no more no less. They rarely go out of their way to solve a problem that arise and would always say that the problem is not part of their job or that nobody has told them what to do. These are the set of staff that will kill your business slowly but surely.

Unfortunately, the labour market is full of more AVAILABLE STAFF than DESIRABLE STAFF. For every one desirable staff you get you may need to interview 20 available staff. Also, its extremely hard to detect these AVAILABLE staff during interview. You discover them when you have already employed them and they have worked for some weeks or months.


This is why every business owner must develop the skill of firing staff. I think for most of my clients, this is one of the critical jobs that I do for them. I help them not only hire but fire people who no longer fit the vision and mission of the organisation.

You must master the skill of firing more than the skill of hiring. In the bible, Jesus tells a parable of how a fisher man will cast his net into the sea knowing that he will catch as much bad fish as good ones. However, what the successful fishermen do after the catch is to sit down and separate the bad fish from the good fish. The bad fish he throws away while the good fish he keeps.


This means that as a business owner, there is no way you can bring in new employees and expect not to have undesirable people among them. What you must do rather is to be like the successful fisher men. After every recruitment exercise, start to carefully observe the new hires to see those that are giving you what you truly need. These you keep and every other person you fire. This is how to get the best pharmacist and staff in your organisation

If you do not do these, be rest assured that you company would at best remain a mediocre organisation. This is the primary reason why a lot of retail pharmacies are doing very badly in Nigeria. You must master how to weed out undesirable pharmacists and staff for you to be left with the best pharmacist and staff


2 thoughts on “How To Hire Pharmacist, fire Pharmacist, Keep The Best Pharmacist & Staff

  • November 6, 2015 at 7:36 am

    Nice article. I’d like to add that the business owner should also remember that it’s his/her responsibility to create the right environment and culture where employees will flourish. If majority of your staff usually fall into the category of those that should be fired, then you need to look at inwards. It could be that your recruitment process is faulty, or your systems are not supporting employees to deliver great performance. For instance, most pharmacies and other Small businesses do not have a structured performance management system.and what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done.

    • November 6, 2015 at 7:03 pm

      I totally agree with you chidi


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