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More than 60% of my income and business funding come from people who I have never met before and referrals from people that I do not know. I have been growing my business funding and income by offering voluntary services and here is how to get business funding by voluntary service rendering.

A young man once saw me washing my car and from the next day, every morning he will wash the car before I wake up. I noticed that he was jobless and have been working seriously to get him a job.

God has buried inside every problem a seed of financial expansion and anyone who pours solution into that problem will find that seed. I started noticing a trend when I began offering free business trainings to chapters of Full gospel business men fellowships. FGBMFI is a wonderful network of business experts using their professions rather than their words to tell people about God and his goodness.

I was volunteering to help the young entrepreneurs in the organisation grow their businesses because I saw that most of them did not know how to move their business forward. Now after speaking, someone will usually love what they hear and give my number to someone who would call me and pay for my services.

I have come to realise that when you need help in any particular area, that you need to start to help other people who are having small versions of the problems that you are having. For instance if you want to grow your business, start to teach people below you at a lower business level the things you know that has moved you to your current level.

You will be amazed at the people that they will tell about what you taught them. You need to realise that a man you think is an ordinary driver may be the father of a bank managing director to whom he might tell what you did for him and that banker might just give you a call to say thank you and ask what he can do for you in return.

You also need to realise that those above you also have problems and the more you solve their problems, the more they would want you to be around them and would also open doors of opportunities to you.

This is why you need to learn to some problems that are costing a lot of money. The more you volunteer to help solve such problems, the more those that matter take note of you and would contact you to solve that problem in their businesses.

Also a lot of people love volunteering and as long as you are volunteering in an area that is solving a significant problem, you will definitely start to move in the circle of influence where those with the money for business funding operate in.

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