I was running a training for a company recently. During the course of the training, I mentioned that part of my plan was to get a PhD in the next five years.

The head of marketing of the company told me that I already had an MBA from the quality of insight he got from my training. He then wanted to know how I acquired so much knowledge because he knew I was a very busy man. It then it occurred to me that anyone no matter how busy they were could actually get an MBA quality of knowledge in one year and it would not cost the person more than $100.

Here is how

1. USE YOUR CAR PLAYER – Get as many audio books and seminars as possible.Then, once you enter your car start listening to one. I drive for about one hour everyday and for that one hour, I listen to only audio trainings. between 8am and 6 pm, I do not place any music in my car. I learn.


2. GET AN MP3 PLAYER – If you look at the picture, the device that is where a cigarate lighter is supposed to be is an MP 3 player. I load it up with seminars, audio trainings of only the best brains. I have messages and trainings of people like Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Jack Canfield, Jim Collins loaded up onto a flash drive and memory card which I slot into the device. I listen to at least one of them everyday.

3. SMART DEVICES LEARNING РSome times I go by public transport. In the bus, a lot of my co passengers and me will have our earpiece connected to our phones. The difference between me and them is that while I am listening to Warren Buffet talk to the MBA class of Columbia university, they are listen to Beyonce or 2face. Even if it is just for ten minutes that I am in that bus, I make sure I am more enlightened when I get off the bus than when I got on. Even after getting off, I still continue to listen to that talk  while walking

4. USE LAZY HOURS – There are days that I will be so lazy either in the office or in the house. When those lazy hours hit me, I make them valuable by putting on an audio message from Sam Adeyemi, mike Murdock, Mensa Otabil etc.

5. AUTOMATIC ACTIVITIES- There are activities I carry out that do not require a conscious concentrating like ironing my clothe. So, while I am doing such activity, I put on my laptop and put on a financial seminar training video or audio.

6. YOUTUBE FREAK – I will admit that I am a YouTube freak. I watch at least one hour of a Harvard university Ilab session everyday on youtube. From there I gather information on very crazy innovative ideas that would amaze anyone.

7. ACTIVE DOWNLOADER – I am an active downloader. I will Google the name of a top person I admire and search for messages and talks they gave. Once I find that talk, I download and listen to it.

8 . I GO OUT TO LEARN – most of my clients are shocked that they missed the things I teach them because the ideas are from things happening around them that they did not notice. Everyday, when I go out and I deliberately observe people including street beggers and try to see what strategy to learn from them. I have shared a strategy I saw a bus conductor use, at a management training and all the managers were amazed at its seemingly uniqueness.

MORE THAN A YEAR PROGRAM-  I have actually been doing this for more than two years but the result has been wonderful on my practice. So, I have just shown you how to get a practical MBA.










































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