How To Get A miracle Out Of Any Hopeless Situation – The Story Of A Bad Eye

miracle healing

Do you belief in miracle? Do you think your situation is hopeless? What will you do when four Eye consultants tell you that your eye is damaged beyond remedy. What will you do if that eye is giving you a headache that defies all known medication both for headache and migraine? How do you stop the tears flowing none stop like a burst pipe from your eye despite all the medications four top ophthalmologists and a host of other medical doctors have prescribed for you?

That was the situation my brother found himself in. It all started as a joke after someone hit his eye and he felt just a slight pain only for the eye to start deteriorating at a rate that four consultants said they did not know what to do anymore and the head ache was so bad that for weeks he could not stay outside for more than  a few hours. A consultant covered up the eye only for it to look like a decaying sore when the eye pad was removed. The words of the doctors demoralised he beyond words and he just did not know what to do.

He came to Lagos to see a cornea surgeon because he was informed that his cornea had melted away and that the eye was collapsing. The day he came to Lagos, he went straight to Lagos state University teaching hospital and met the consultant who told him that the eye was hopeless but referred him to another eye surgeon. When he came to my house that evening, I had already decided on an action plan.

I took out the bible and started to just talk about God’s love from it. I shared with him the goodness of God and shared with him how Jesus healed people like the Roman soldier’s servant and the syrophyinician woman’s daughter just because they believed without jesus coming to see the sick patient. The more we just talked about God’s love from the bible, the more interested he got in the bible story.

I was not preaching to him. I was just showing him things God had done before and how He is still doing it with the different examples I gave to him about people like Kenneth Haggin who was told at age 16 told that he had less than a few weeks to live but by meditating on the word of God, he got his healing. I then gave him some bible passages to read and asked him to explain to me what he understood from what he was reading. The more we talked, the more at peace he was getting until it was time for him to go to bed.

He went to bed and did not wake up until 8am the next morning. He woke up and was a bit startled because he was shocked that for the first time in months, that he could sleep without medication and without waking up in the night or very early because of the pain. When he woke up, his first word to me was ‘Bros,there is a force in this your house that gives peace. This is the first time I have slept well in months’

I gave him some more bible passages to read, gave him the messages of Brother Gbulie Akanni, Mensa Otabil and Poju Oyemade and asked him to listen to the messages. In the evening we will again go through the bible and I will be asking him questions and he will be explaining to me what he understood and I will be making contributions to help him see the power in the word of God. We did this for about four days and by the next that the consultant asked him  to come back for reassessment, the pain in his eye had reduced, the headache had started to response to paracetamol.

Then when he went to see the consultant but as he was going, I could see hope in his face and that the hopeless had lifted even if the eye was not showing any visible sign of improvement. Amazingly though, the consultant told him that the eyes she said was very infected a few days back, was now some how clear and that the cornea that they said was damaged beyond repair was recovering for some strange reasons.

When he came home, I gave him more messages to listen to, gave him more bible chapters to read and explain to me. By the time he left back to his base, he no longer had any headache or pain from the eye only the tears was still running.

I asked him to stop checking the eye for signs of improvement but to just believe that God was healing him and he stopped looking at the eye for signs of improvement. When he came back for a check up at the consultant’s hospital, even the running tear had dried up. The consultant was so impressed that the only addition drug she gave him was chymoral i.e chymotrypsin.

But we still continued the bible reading and he will call me to explain to me what he learnt from the bible and the insight he was getting. In fact, he will call and ask me to pray for him. I had told him to get someone to be praying for him but he somehow thinks his healing has something to do with me. But all I did was just to guide him through the bible to discover the hidden secret in a book that the devil has blinded most people’s eye to the miracle it contains.

Also we read the bible not to just read it but to hear from God. I made my brother realise that if he read the bible to hear from God, that once in a while, a bible verse will seem to jump out at him and that that particular verse was God’s message to him for that day and he was to take that verse or verses and meditate on them through out the day.

In fact, when he called me today, the verse that jumped out at him today was from James Chapter 5. The Verses about getting elders to anoint a sick person. He immediately went to a priest to anoint him and called me as part of the elders that will pray for him.

The miracle is that  not only is his eye healing miraculously, but his business that had practically collapsed is been healed too. He is getting more orders and strangely, one of his customers even wrote him a check before he supplied him anything and this was a client that used to owe him for months after a supply.

So, if you have a challenge, kindly look at the steps we passed through, repeat them for yourself and you will get your own miracle too. This simply because God is no respecter or person and He is  a God of principles. The principle of gravity says if you throw something up, it will come down no matter the person that threw it up. This also applies to the laws of God.

You do not need a pastor or priest to pray for you. Get a positive minded person who understands the bible to walk you through the bible and I promise you that you will get your own miracle too.

I do not know why I am adding this part but If you need me to help walk you through the bible or help you find God for yourself, send me an email at or whasapp me on 08097636221 and

May the lord bless you and may the lord keep you.

May the lord let his light shine upon you and may the Almighty give you his peace and may his Word Give you comfort

and may the blessing of the Almighty grant you hope


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