How To Become One Of The Top 10 Pharmacy Business Owners In Nigeria

Here is how you can become one of the top 10 pharmacy business owners in Nigeria. You need to read this to know what to do to build up your business.

The top 10 pharmacy business owners list is where a lot of pharmacy business owners have not made a conscious decision to become part of. But its a list that we can show you how to become a member of. Most importantly we want to show you how to be one of the top ten pharmacy business owners in state.

I have personally interacted with two owners of the one of the top 10 pharmacy business owners in Nigeria and here are some of the things you can learn from them.

1- YOUR MINDSET – If you do not start to work on your mindset to believe deeply that your are going to own one of the biggest pharmacy business in Nigeria, then nothing you do will ever make you own one of the top ten pharmacy business in Nigeria. You can see the power of mindset in the match played between FC Barcelona and PSG of France. It was the mindset that they were the greatest no matter where they were coming from that enabled Barcelona display one of the biggest comeback in football history. A navy seal was once asked what was the greatest asset of the this most elite fighting force in the world. He said it was not their equipment because they have won battles with far inferior equipments rather, it was their MINDSET that believed that they can achieve anything they wanted to achieve.

2- TRAIN UNDER THE BEST – Where you have your training or worked before starting your business will to a very large extent determine whether you will be an owner of one of the top 10 pharmacy business owners in Nigeria. The MD of Healthplus once told me that when she started her own business, she went to work for a year in UK at one of the top retail pharmacy chains. There is a mindset you acquire from just working in a top pharmacy before you set-up your own. I know a pharmacist that worked for a year in a top retail pharmacy before setting up his own. He has never ceased calling the place where he worked and thanking the owner. Working in a top pharmacy will for instance give you the confidence to prescribe a N3500 cough syrup for a mild cough. But if you already own your own pharmacy business, you need to get a coach or a mentor to help you get the needed training. This is part of what we do for our clients

3. HAVE THE RIGHT PLANS – Every great structure was built with a plan, so is every great business. There are basically three key plans that everyone that wants to own one of the top 10 pharmacy business in Nigeria must have. They include AN OPERATIONS PLAN, A MARKETING AND SALES PLAN, A STRATEGIC PLAN. With these key plans, you will have a map that will guide you to become one of the top ten pharmacy business owners in Nigeria.

Contact us to help you design your plans if you don’t have any. You can visit KANSELOR UNIVERSITY and take one of their courses online to help you with building a big business.


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