the magic


Recently, the number of people following me on face book has been rising rapidly and some other people want to know the magic to getting people to follow you on-line. The secret to building follower-ship online or offline is the same. And this is the secret

When you feed people physically, emotionally and spiritually very well, they will follow you. When you show them that you have more food for them, they will give up things to be with you. When what you write feeds people, they will comeback for more, when what you say feeds people, they will come back for more. When what you cook feeds people very well, they will comeback for more.

People follow those that have food for their body or for their emotion or for their soul. If what you do feeds one of these, you will never lack followers because you will always have people following you.

However, always make sure you prepare fresh meals for them daily or frequently. If you keep serving them fresh food that refreshes them regularly, they will always come back for more.

Look at what you do or what you are selling and ask yourself if its feeding and refreshing anyone. If I know I will have peace of mind any time I do business with you, I will always comeback for more because I do not want to hunger for peace of mind that will come from dealing with your competitors.

The magic food you must serve people to get them to flock around you are spiritual and emotional food. If a pastor has a great refreshing spiritual food for people’s soul, they will travel across oceans just to reach you.

No matter the packaging or the strategy you deploy, if you cannot identify what you feed people with and if it nourishes them, you can never prosper because nobody will come back to you for more.

Jesus came to feed the broken hearted with words of hope, peace and love and once he started feeding them, they flocked around him and today, half of the world’s population come to him almost on a daily basis to get fed.

So who are you feeding and with what? Most importantly will you eat what you are serving if served by another person?


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