How Nigerians’ Indifference and Wickedness By Omission Supply Fighters To Boko Haram

boko haram

I saw her as I was parking my car. She was sitting just by the gate of the house beside the mosque waiting for the Friday prayer to commence and was silently weeping. As I parked, I saw people, some going to the mosque other just passing by look at her and continue walking. Nobody bothered to walk up to an elderly lady that they saw was in deep anguish to see if they could help out. They all minded their business.

I parked my car and walked up to her. As I was coming, she tried to wipe her face so that I may not notice her tears but the tears would not just stop. I got to her and asked her what the problem was and she told me that she had just lost her life’s saving and does not know what to do or where to start from any more. I allowed her to pour out her heart

Then asked her if she had children and she told me that she had three beautiful children. Then I asked her if she would pay that N350,000 to a doctor if one of her children was sick and the bill given was the amount she lost? She said she would speedily do it. I asked her if it was possible that God preserved her children and took the money in place of her children and she said it was possible.

I asked her about her husband and the love he had for her. And by the time I left her, she had calmed down a lot and I could see some ray of hope been restored in her spirit again. By the time I finished what I was doing and got back to my car, she was no longer weeping but was now standing in front of the mosque with others waiting to go in.

I then wondered at the loss of love among us. How could we want peace and yet we see a suffering woman who need just a few kind words yet no one bothers to share a few kind word with her. A lot of us are condemning boko haram but how many of us have bothered to give some advice or encouragement to those little Almajeris we see lining up the streets of northern Nigeria?

We, at the back of our mind think its none of our business because we did not make them that way but the question we all need to ask ourselves is why God gave us the wealth we have? We need to realise that God could have made us to be born by the parents of those same little children that we ignore every morning and if he had made us like that, we would have ended up as Almajeris and from bitterness against the society, we too would have joined Boko haram.

Its time that we started caring. Its time that we started sharing words of hope and words of encouragement. I come to realise that most times what people need from us are not our money or tangible gifts but simple words of love and words of encouragement.

I think that we should stop praying for God to save Nigeria and start caring for the poor among us even if it is with just words of encouragement. Once we start that, the supply chain of fighters joining Boko haram will be cut.

Lets all go out everyday and offer words of encouragement to the weeping souls all around us. Lets stop walking by them because if not for the grace of God, it could have been us in their place, weeping and seeking for help.

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