How Nigerians Can Help In Fighting Ebola


There are basic precautions you must take to help in the fight against Ebola

1. Place the general safety of the society first – You must place priority on the greater safety of the society over the love for a family member – the nurse that died in Enugu travelled with the virus to her family knowing fully well that in that six hour journey, that she could spread thedisease. She also has put her loved ones at risk. We must learn from how God asked ancient Jews to handle the spread of leprosy. If a loved one had leprosy, the person was quarantined outside the camp.Pls we must realise that we are showing more love by making infected people to report to the government specialist centres.

2. SANITISE YOUR ENVIRONMENT – The Ebola virus has been shown to be very heat sensitive. So, try to iron your clothes after washing them. Try not to wear the same clothes more than once without washing them. Try to have a hand wash close by and force yourself to  use it before eating anything. Make sure you take you bath every night with soap no matter how tired you may be

3. STOP SPREADING THE FEAR – Fear has been identified as the greatest threat of ebola and it has been the cause of the present hysteria. Please, try to get all the facts right about Ebola. You are causing more harm by telling everyone you about number of people who have died and how it has no cure. Rather, tell people that there is now a vaccine that will soon get to Nigeria. Tell people about precautions rather than number of infected people.

4. WATCH YOUR DISCUSSIONS – As much as possible try to avoid makingEbola discussion your favourite topic. You will only be making yourself and those around you more fearful. Share useful information when needed and focus your discussion on the positive things happening around us.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF- Try to enlighten yourself on the important information about the Ebola disease. Most importantly, listen to the daily updates of the ministry of health and the WHO so that you can know how to help better inform people that come to you with great fears.

6. AVOID BURIALS – Unless it is totally compulsory, you need to try to avoid burials for now. The fastest way of spreading the virus has been found to relate with burial of infected dead bodies. The Nigerian federal government has placed a ban on transporting dead bodies from one state to another. Also carrying of dead bodies in any vehicle other than an ambulance has been outlawed. All these measures are been taken to protect all of us.

May the lord keep us and bless us, may He let his face shine upon us, may he heal our sick and grant us peace.


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