Pharmacists can make money as drug exporters if they decide to look inward. With the current economic situation and the scarcity of foreign exchange, anyone who can earn in a foreign currency is at a huge advantage. Now, here is a neglected way that Nigerian pharmacists can make money exporting drugs.

Before I went to pharmacy school, I once hard a severe sore throat and my grand mother took me to one of her friends. The lady went to her back yard, plucked the dried stem of a plant and asked me to chew it. After chewing for a few minutes, my sore throat magically disappeared. The result was amazing.

While in school, I was always saying I would work with that lady to find out what plant she got that stalk from and to start packaging it for sale. I never got to do that.

All of us come from villages and know herbs that work very well. For instance I know the Igbos have a herb that is prepared for all women that just gave birth to hasten their recovery. This herb preparation works like magic yet no pharmacist has ever thought about packaging these preparation.

So, pharmacists can make money by packaging herbal preparations that they know from their localities to work very well and start exporting it. For instance all pharmacists and even doctors buy ORI preparations made locally for treating baby rashes even in its current crude form.

We have loads of local aphrodisiac especially from northern Nigeria that are extremely effective yet Nigerians spend millions on Viagra. Pharmacists can make money from packaging and exporting these.

The current craze for bitters in Nigeria was initiated by Alomo bitters that actually came from Ghana. If we are consuming Alomo and other bitters from outside Nigeria, then Nigerian pharmacists can make money by exporting some of our local preparations to other country.

The key thing that pharmacist who want to make money exporting drugs need to do is to conduct a thorough research on those products that have been proven to work. Then get modern packing machine like bottles, capsules and sealed sachets to properly package the products.

However , I will suggest that pharmacist who want to know how pharmacists can make money from exporting drugs show learn how to build a business first. TAKE A COURSE ON KANSELOR UNIVERSITY and learn how to build a business and about the export market.

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