How Nigerian Business Owners Can Turn A Bad Day Into A Profitable Day


Becoming successful as Nigerian business owners is not easy.Every day, we all go out to work hard to make our business profitable. But what do you do on a day when you are hit by one disappointment after another?

Today was one such days for me that Nigerian business owners call a bad day. There is a project that I have been working on for months and I was sure I will seal the deal today. I was supposed to seal it early this morning and so I had lined up other things to do for the rest of the day.

As I was driving to this project that has been full of challenges, I got a call that it has been called off again. I took the news calmly. I turned around to go and get others things from the house and face my other projects.

However, the moment I got home, something just made me remove my dress and lie down on the floor. I suddenly did not have any drive in me to do anything. I just laid on the floor mopping at the television.

Then it occured to me that I was having a bad day and there was practically nothing I could achieve by myself for the day. But I realised that as one of Nigerian business owners, I needed to turn that bad day into a profitable one.

I remember how Jesus after hearing that John the Baptist had been killed by Herod was weighed down by the news that he immediately left the place and went off to a lonely place. Now the amazing thing about Jesus was that even in his low spirited state, Jesus turned that day into a very profitable one. He did not see people coming to him in his low spirit mood as disturbance rather he saw an opportunity to minister to more people.

Amazingly at the end of that day, Jesus won a huge number of disciples. This taught me that if we do not focus on the disappointment that is giving us a bad day, if we do not go into denial too by pretending nothing happened, that like Jesus we can as Nigerian business owners turn a bad day into a profitable one


  1. TUNED THE TELEVISION TO A BUSINESS NEWS CHANNEL – As I laid down on the floor, I tuned to CNN business news and listened to the world news for the day and this made me a wiser Nigerian business owner with the insight I gained
  2. I BOUGHT BUSINESS DAY NEWSPAPER AND READ IT FROM FRONT TO BACK – I lazily went through the business day newspaper I bought and it made me understand that that the economic indices in Nigeria was something I needed to pay more attention to. This was something I would not have picked on a normal day
  3. I WATCHED LOADS OF MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE – I watched up to five hours of inspiring and motivational video on youtube. I listened to talks by STEVE JOBS, ARNOLD SHWARZNIGAR, LES BROWN AND A HOST OF OTHER GREAT ACHIEVERS THAT GAVE TALKS ON YOUTUBE.

By the time it was five pm, I was fully loaded and ready to achieve great things. Most importantly, I learnt some critical lessons about human nature and I learnt how to become profiatble as a Nigerian business owner

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