For years, my office desk drawers have been filled with documents. These were documents or items I just stuffed there hoping to get back to them later. They were the kind of documents Nigerian pharmacists collected.

I will collect free items and drop them into the lockers. With time, the drawers of my desk became filled up and I started to pile the newer items on my desk. The pile on my desk also began to grow. I would always assume that the documents in the locker  and the pile on my desk were important documents and never would address them.
Then, I bought a management training DVD and Sam Siverstein explained how waste was keeping important things from coming to you. He shared how his wardrobe was filled to the brim and he just assumed he could not buy a new suit because there was nowhere to put them.

One day, someone bought a lovely suit for him and when he got home, he decided to go through the piles in his wardrobe. He was surprised to find dresses he had not worn for three years occupying space in his wardrobe. These clothes have kept him from buy new clothes.  He decided to address his important thrash. He started to pick out those he did not really need. By the time he was through, he realised that he did not have up to five good sets of clothing.

He immediately gave away the waste that had been occupying space in his wardrobe, thereby allowing him to buy the needed clothing.

After listening to him, I immediately looked at the pile on my desk and drawer and decided to attack them. I went through the files, documents and envelopes stuffed in the drawer and piled on the table. By the time I was done, I realised that I did not have up to ten sheets of important papers in the whole piles of papers.

From the picture, you will see the amount of waste I had been keeping for years as important documents. I could not believe the dates I saw on some of the documents.If they were drugs, they would have over expired.

By the time I was through, my desk was free of all items except for my bible and marketing manual. Most importantly, I felt clean. For some strange reason I felt like I have been working in a polluted environment all these while. With the same vigour, I went to my wardrobe, and started to take out dresses that I had not worn for at least a year.

I was also amazed at the pile of clothes that I brought out. I never realised that most of the clothes I had in the wardrobe were just occupying space because I would never wear them again. I took the clothe and gave them to some of my people and they were very happy.

Just clearing my desk and my wardrobe had a wonderful effect on me.  But I am writing this for most pharmacists. I have seen some three years old newspapers on a pharmacist’s table piled high. They were looking very untidy and made his office look shabby. I advised him to thrash them but he told me they were references. I asked him when was the last year he referred to them but he could not remember.

You need to clean out your work station, your wardrobe, inside your car to make them clean. Most of those items on your table you think are important are actually thrash. And as long as they are there, important items will not find space . Most importantly, I realised from sorting my thrash that there were items that were once important which the thrash hid from me but have now become thrash too, waiting to hid other important items. You will be amazed at the important items you will readily address if you clear your desk and wardrobe.

So, start clearing your table now. Address your IMPORTANT THRASH


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    Nice one. Thanks for passing this important message.


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