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I have been have a lot of encounters with young intern pharmacists most of whom are looking for a place for a locum job. However, I am usually amazed at their level of confidence when they are answering questions.

A lot of the young intern pharmacists especially those from federal universities know their stuff very well but unfortunately they do not know how to confidently say what they know.

I think the school system that is used to training pharmacists in Nigeria needs to be worked on. Something needs to be done about helping them improve their self confidence, self awareness and self esteem.

If young intern pharmacists are equipped with self confidence, self esteem and have well developed self awareness, then they can be sure of transiting into young rich pharmacists from young intern pharmacists.

I recently had a seminar for a client of mine on how to boost self confidence for their managers. I thing that this seminar can help a lot of young intern pharmacists to overcome their low self confidence and shine like they start they truly are.

Watch this video carefully, learn what it has to teach you and write them them. As much as possible though put what you have learnt from it into practice. Just watching this video will not make any difference in your life unless you put into practice what you have learnt.

To even make what you learn stick better in your mind, try to teach at least five other young intern pharmacists what you have learnt. The more you teach them about the key insights you learnt about boosting self confidence, the more you too will be multiplying your own self confidence.

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