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I want to talk about how a corper can become a successful hospital pharmacist today. I know that a lot of corpers will like to become hospital pharmacist and want to become successful hospital pharmacist too. I have to admit that it took me a lot of brain racking to come up with how a corper pharmacist can become successful as a hospital pharmacist.

Well I have here the pathway to becoming a very successful hospital pharmacist.

The first thing you need to do is to be very sure that you want a career as a hospital pharmacist. After you have settled that, start to study to identify hospitals with very high patient turnover. Study both Public hospitals and private hospitals.

Now shortlist those with very high patient flow that also see a lot of critical cases and start to write application letters to them. For the privates hospitals that have high turnover of patients, you can start by volunteering to work for free. The key is to get into their system first.

Once you start working, get a very thick note book. And with that note book, start to record what you observe with the patients in the course of their recovery. Build your patients data and start to follow up on them even after they have left the hospital.

Track the response of how patients respond to different medications and different formulations of the same products. Make sure you spend at least 50% of your time daily with the patients in the hospital. Observe and record carefully all you notice. For instance you might notice that the nurses prefer opening the capsule of a particular medication. Find out from them why they do that and take note of their reason if it makes sense and is giving them better result.

Try to master at least two to ten disease and their management from a pharmacists perceptive.

Start to attend a lot of business and management seminars. Start to actively make suggestions and implement changes that can improve the patients well-being / recovery rate and at the same time increase the hospital revenue.

Now you need to know that because you are not the most senior hospital pharmacist in the hospital some of the older pharmacists will resist some of the things you are doing.

Start to volunteer for every job that comes up which most of your colleagues will run away from and try to find a better way of doing those jobs. Also start to build up massive information on the marketing mistakes that sales reps make and how you think that they can do their job better. Read a lot about pharmaceutical marketing and note the difference between the good sales rep and the bad one

When you have done this for about 2 years, now, you are ready to start making some good money. Convert all those data you have been compiling into a book on how to best manage disease conditions especially those you have mastered. Get a lot of top pharmacists and doctors to review the book for you. Get a top published in the country to design (TAKE A LOOK AT THE DESIGNS OF MY BOOK HERE) and publish the book for you. Make sure you give the book a great name too.

Become an advocate of something online related to one of the disease conditions you mastered. Open a website online and start to write about the disease conditions that you have mastered at least once daily. Target your write ups towards student pharmacists and hospital pharmacist. Write to the different pharmacy schools and volunteer give a talk to the students. Join a lot of religious and sociocultural organisations. At least 10 to 20 and become very very active, vocal and visible in all of them. Let the people in each group know you as the health expert. Become very active and visible in NAHAP. and PSN national.

Then go and learn how to speak in public. You can start by becoming a lay-reader in your church and by joining toast masters. Join FGBMFI and make sure you learn and master how to speak confidently in public and how to retain people’s attention.

Now this is time for you to start making money. stage one is, Ask for a better salary and look for a better job opportunity.Because you have become very valuable, you employer will not want to lose you.

Once your book is out, take them to each of the organisations you belong to and start marketing it to the members there at a premium. For instance if you printed 1000 copies first and sell at 2500, all you need to do is sell it to 1000 members of the groups you belong to to make 2.5 million. I actually sold my first book at 2000 and to 1000 of mostly friends.

Send free copies of your books to all the heads of hospital pharmacies you know.

Most people will buy the book not because they are going to read it but because they know you and want to support you.

Start to write to companies making suggestions on how they can improve their marketing and some of them will ask you to come and speak to their sales team for which they will pay you.

At this stage, you would have become very influential that a lot of NGOs will be asking you to speak at their events. Here you charge a fees and sell your books. Also join a lot of WHO volunteer organisations. What you are seeking for it visibility.

If you remain focused and do this long enough, its only a matter of time before your book becomes a reference book for  hospital pharmacist all over Nigeria. And student pharmacists too start to use it.

If you keep on developing yourself and writing more books, at most Seven years, you would have become a very influential hospital pharmacist and with influence comes wealth.

A note of warning though, your salary as a hospital pharmacist can never make you successful. Secondly avoid the cubicle work mindset of just being a drug counter that counts tablets and hands it over to patients.

I wish you all the best.




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