Helping The Victims Of Nigerian Pharmaceutical Premises Inspectors scourge

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I was walking by a site a pharmacist lost because Lagos premises inspectors failed to come on time to inspect his place and was shocked to see a few building away from it a banner that read PHARMACY COMING SOON.

I suudenly realised that the inspectors because of their refusal to use technology were registering premises haphazardly.

This meant that they did not care if they registered two premises side by side. Their normal response is to ask the weaker of the two pharmacists to shutdown despite the fact that they asked him to go ahead,

I want to make a simple suggestion that will eliminate this problem. PCN has a website. Let each state have a page on that website.

Immediately an application is submitted to a PCN state branch, the receiving officer will immediately upload the address and location unto the state page on the website.

The person submitting is then asked to check the website to confirm that there is no pending uninspected site close to his own.

The status of each site will all be updated regularly from pending to inspected to approved or unapproved.

If this is done, it will save pharmacists seeking to establish a retail practice a lot of hassles and worries

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