great daddy gifts

There are great daddy gifts that every child deserves from any man he or she calls daddy or looks up to and most of these great daddy gifts cost little or nothing to provide.

Most nights I work very late and my children would have gone to sleep. But one thing is sure, my son will always come to ask me to come and make him sleep. I would leave what I was doing and carry him back to bed.

I have learnt some lessons about becoming a great daddy by giving my children intangible great daddy gifts that children adore. and here they are

1. Have special names for them – I have my special name for all my children and they just love it when I call them by their special name. When I call them by the name every other person calls them, they would know that they did something wrong

2. I GET INVOLVED IN THEIR PERSONAL AFFAIRS- My eldest child is five and  I still brush his teeth for him and give him his bath. His mummy would always ask me why I am not allowing him to brush his teeth by himself. I tell her that this is the only opportunity I have to do it because in a few years time, I would have to knock before coming into his room not to talk of brushing his teeth or giving him his bath. I make sure I give all my children their bath in the morning.

3. I LISTEN TO THEIR DAILY ACTIVITIES – Once I go to pick them up from school, I would ask them how their day was and they would all narrate to me what happened. As usual my daughter would always have a longer story so I allow my son to speak first.

4. I GET INVOLVED IN THEIR SCHOOL LIFE – I help them do their home work, I take them to school, I attend their school programs. For instance my daughter started to learn how to swim last term. She was scared of the water and would cry for her daddy. What I did was to drive to her school when it was time for swimming. Once she saw me by the pool, she would stop crying and allow the instructor to show her how to swim. One day I came and see told that I do not need to come again because she can now swim by herself.

5. I EAT WITH THEM – I make sure that I share on meal with them during which time we will fight and play as we ate.

6. I TAKE THEM OUT AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH – Once every month, I take them out to the mall, the beach or a park where they just run around. I usually get a kiss from them after every trip like this.

7. I NEVER CALL THEM NAMES OR INSULT THEM AND NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO CALL THEM NAMES INCLUDING THEIR MOTHER – This is a standing policy that I have. If you want to spank them, spank them I say but never ever call any of my child a derogatory name. I call them by the professions they say they want to be part of when they grow up. This normally changes depending on the profession that impresses them the most at a particular time.

8. I ANSWER ALL THEIR QUESTIONS – I answer all their questions and never tell them that any question they ask is silly. I encourage them to ask a lot of questions and this has helped to boost their self confidence

In summary, we all can be a great daddy to our children if we deliberately deciding to give these great daddy gifts to our children


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