retail pharmacy salesRetail pharmacy sales in Nigeria has two wide variance, while some retail pharmacy sales are dropping and the pharmacist owners are confused, that of the other end of the spectrum is growing and the pharmacy owners can actually point to the critical factors that are driving their retail pharmacy sales.


One of the factors that is driving the retail pharmacy sales is proper branding. You need to create the right brand identity for your business so that it can stand out in a maze of pharmacies that now is springing up all over Nigeria.

We just finished designing a corporate identity for one of my clients based in Afikpo. He saw our works and felt that he needed our services on how to grow his retail pharmacy sales in a remote part of Ebony state. Our first step was tell him that we needed to create a corporate brand identity for his company.

When he saw the quality of work we did, he was amazed and is now more confident of growing his retail pharmacy sales.

Now some of the work we did for him are a bit confidential but I have decided to share some here.

caritas_pharmaceuticals_Branding_7[1]1. Your Identity card most be unique and make each and every one of your staff stand out. Your corporate branded identity card must help grow your retail pharmacy sales by making it very easy for people to remember the names of your staff. This means that the id card must be worn at all times with the tag so that your customers will not have to rack their brain trying to remember the name of your staff

caritas_pharmaceuticals_Branding_10[1]2. Your take away bags must continue to market your business even as the customer leaves your premise
. Your take away bag must continue to increase your retail pharmacy sales months after it has helped a customer take things out of the pharmacy.


3. Your call cards must be so unique and elegant that your customers would want to preserve them just because of their look, feel and design. Most of us have call cards that we have kept for years just because of the quality of the card. Your call card must continue to grow your retail pharmacy sales by always being on the table of the customer you gave it to and not tossed out of the window because of its very low qualitycaritas_pharmaceuticals_Branding_1[1]
4. Your letter headed paper was be one of a kind that helps to drive your retail pharmacy sales. Any one who gets a letter from you on your letter headed paper must know that your pharmacy is really unique and not one of the patent pharmacies that litter the streets of Nigerian cities i.e Pharmacies that look more like patent medicine store


5. Your out door sign most be a major driver of your retail pharmacy sales. It has to so unique that when people see it on the outside, they would be drawn to walk into your pharmacy and thereby growing your retail pharmacy sales.

In summary, you need to spend money on your corporate branding but know that whatever you spend on it will give you more than 500% returns.

I know that most people will think that the quality of the pharmacist at a retail pharmacy will determine how the retail pharmacy sales will grow. However, you need to admit that the look of a building will to a great extent determine the kind of people that will want to live in it. No matter how good a pharmacist may be, he can only attend to people who walk into the pharmacy and its the brand identity that you create that will draw people to come in and meet that wonderful pharmacist


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