GOVERNORSHIP VACANCY: 10 Signs That A Pharmacist Will Be The Next Governor Of Lagos


I remember when I ran for the students union government office of the Director of Transportation. When I declared my intension, most people did not take me seriously. Nobody gave a very quiet lone ranger student a chance of becoming the Director of Transport of my Faculty association not to talk of the whole student body of the highly political University of Nigeria. The major odd people thought was against me was that I was a pharmacy student and pharmacy students have never contested in Student Union elections because of their academic workload.

But I had a plan that I started executing months before the election.

I knew that as a pharmacy student, I had a huge block vote because pharmacy students had always voted in block for pharmacy students even i they did not know him. I knew that the Catholics made up a significant number of students in the university and they tend to vote in block. So, I joined a lot of very visible organisations in chaplaincy on campus. I knew that the majority of people who came to vote were girls so I joined organisations where girls loved to be in Like Rotaract and became very visible. I went to pharmaceutical companies and got loads of free stickers and shared freely to female students

I did a lot of things that on the outside gave me no chance at all but under neat, I knew I had huge chance. The election day came and after the votes were counted, a quiet lone ranger student had who the election.

I am sharing this background about pharmacists in politics because I think another pharmacist is about to hit a major political point with few people giving him any chance.

I am talking about Pharm Jimi Agbaje.

Jimi is currently running for the governorship position of Lagos state. But slowly and steadily he is winning some major underground battles that is amazing even me. Here are some major points he is scoring that for some strange reason ACP in Lagos state is not reacting to

1. HE DEFEATED OBANIKORO AT THE PRIMARIES – How he did this I cannot fathom but its equivalent to Obama defeating Hillary Clinton in the primaries in 2008. If I was in APC camp and saw this happen, I would have intensified my campaign immediately or come after Jimi Agbaje with all I have but for some  strange reason, Lagos APC did not react.

2. HE HAS A WONDERFULLY WORKING GRASSROOT MACHINE – I always thought APC had solid control of the grassroot in Lagos  but I was shocked to see area boys and street boys all saying Jimi for SURE….

3. EXCELENT MEDIA CAMPAIGN – I had personally lost interest in the upcoming election but for some reason there is a lovely campaign song that is always playing on radio stations. I did not pay so much attention to it until I started hearing it as a call back ring tone and  people I thought were solid APC support also singing it.

4.  STRATEGICALLY SEPARATING HIMSELF FROM PDP – For anyone who has seen Jimi Agbaje’s posters and bill boards he will think Jimi is running as an independent candidate. He is positioning himself as a party because he know that if he tries to sell PDP it will be hard for people to buy. So his campaign looks like it JIMI vs APC. And somehow this is working wonderfully well. APC is attaching PDP but the somehow have not noticed that Jimi has positioned himself away from PDP

5. COUNTERED A MAJOR POWER OF APC IN A STRATEGIC COUP – When the campaigns were flagged off, APC in Lagos unleashed a key force on Jimi Agbaje. They let the advert regulatory agency of Lagos loose on Jimi’s posters and Bill boards. LASAA teams started pulling down his billboards and posters. Jimi never confronted them openly but went through the presidency and the presidency contacted the commissioner of police in Lagos. The CP then warned LASAA agents saying,… if I catch una again for any poster, una go see… And without Jimi saying anything openly LASAA started to leave his posters alone

6. JIMI POSTERS EVERY WHERE, AMBODE SOME PLACES – I  don’t know how he did it or if its just my eyes deceiving me but for every poster of Ambode I see, there is ten of Jimi. In fact I went to Ajah today from Surulere and the major posters I was seeing were JIMI AGBAJE, OLUREMI TINUBU, DESMOND ELLIOT, APC then once in a while Ambode.

7. EXTREMELY WELL ARTICULATED – That seems to be what he has that ambode lacks. The guy can talk and make great points that would make you want to believe a Nigerian politician

8. LUCK BECAUSE FASHOLA IS NOT DEPLOYING HIS POLITICAL MACHINE FOR AMBODE – The current governor of Lagos deployed an excellent political machine in 2011 that effectively crushed PDP. But for some strange reasons Fashola is not putting that machinery into use for Ambode. If that machinery is left at its current deployment level, then I will say that some people in APC have decided to sacrifice Lagos to PDP  because the current idling state of that political machine does not make sense. For instance what happened to all the unique BRF 2011 car plate number sticker, the awesome radio and television jingles that were designed and deployed in 2011?



Like the title of this article says, I think a Pharmacist will become the next governor of Lagos if things continue the way the are currently. Especially if Fashola does not deploy his machine.


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