Here is a pharmacy business idea that is critical to business growth but which very few pharmacists rarely mandate their staff to deploy.

The pharmacy business idea is treating each customer that walks into your pharmacy like a family member.

When you see a member of your family in the morning, what do you do? You greet them and ask them how their night was. If its a family member that does not live in the same house with you, you ask him or her how his or her family members are.

The question for you is , Do you deploy this great pharmacy business idea in your pharmacy? How do you greet the customers that walk into your pharmacy? Do you greet them like family and enquire about other family members or do you just ask them about what they want?

The sooner you realise that greeting your customers like family is a great pharmacy business idea, the sooner you would have laid the frame work for getting your pharmacy out of this recession.

You need to be strategic about it. You need to train your staff on how to build relationship with your customers.

For instance if a relative walks into your pharmacy, you will enquire about his children or spouse if he or she is married. The same must apply to your customers. You must train your staff to start remembering the names of your customers and their relatives.

Once a customer steps into your pharmacy, your staff must greet him warmly, enquire about his day and his family members before going into what brought him to the pharmacy.

This pharmacy business idea works magic even with grouchy customers. You will discover that they may complain but still come back repeatedly to shop at your pharmacy.

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