I believe you can relate with how my neighbour Jill prepares for work but what you may not notice is how she can become super productive if she can use the time management strategy God used in the book of Genesis.

Jill wakes up around 5.30 every morning and begins to prepare for her day. She boiling a kettle of warm water and uses the water to take her bath. She goes to her wardrobe and selects the dress she will wear for the day. She also picks the shoes she will be wearing and polishes it.

Jill goes to her makeup kit and starts to make up her face. She then remembers that she has not written her work schedule for the day. She quickly picks up the schedule book and starts to fill it out. By now it is already Seven A.M and Jill must leave for work in the next ten minutes if she must catch the staff bus.

Jill hurried eats her breakfast and rushes off to work. When she gets to work, Jill hits her desk and is consumed in her work until it is time for break. She goes for her break, comes back and resumes her work.

Jill works through the day and closes for the day by 5.00 pm. What really puzzles Jill though is that there are a lot of things she would have loved to do but can never find time to do them. It Just seems like she does not have enough time to do all she has to do for the day. Jill is also not happy with the state of her home. This is due to the fact that she does not have time to really give it the attention it deserves.

How then can Jill be able to simply organize her life to achieve a better result at the end of each day without her taking a time management course?

The solution is amazingly ease and was documented at the beginning of our planet. In the Book of genesis, the first verses describe the processes of creation by God. The writer of the book of genesis  showed how God planned his day that helped him achieve efficiency.

The writer wrote that evening came then morning . The evening and morning made up a day.

Man has always known that a day is composed of evening and morning but most people except those that practice Judaism failed to notice how the day was ordered. The record shows that a day starts with an evening and not in the morning.

This means that if you and I want to really have a wonderful day, we must start our day in the evening. Imagine how your day will be if you pick out the dress and shoes you would wear to work in the evening?

So, for you to have a day that is properly planned, you need to start your day in the evening. You must write your goals for the next day the evening before. You must chose your attires for the next day the evening before. You must write any report that you need to take to work an evening before.

You need to see your day as starting in the evening then, shift some of those things you normally would do in the morning to the evening before.

Another thing you must learn from how God worked when he was creating the earth is to analyse your work at the end of each day. At the end of each day, God will look at the work he had done for the day and say they were good. If you fail to review your work day daily, you will never know the areas of waste that if you cut out will greatly increase the number big goals you achieve every day.

The secret to having a wonderful day at work is to start your day the evening before.

Someone may wonder if it would not mean taking your office work home. The answer is no. It simply means you move back some of the things you do at home in the morning before going to work to the evening. Do your dishes, clean up your house, prepare your children school package and write your reports and goals in the evening.
This will guarantee you a great morning and afternoon the next day. This will help you get to work better prepared to face the day.

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