God Is An Angel Investor And Here Is How To Get Him To Answer Your Prayers


God is an angel investor and like all angel investors, He only goes into a business deal that he knows that he will get a profit out of and he takes that into consideration when answering prayers and here is how you can get him to answer your prayer.

I was watching Pastor Adeboye share how he met people praying for a lunatic and they asked him to join them in prayers. He said he looked at the man, commanded the spirit to leave the man and walked away. The people praying were shocked that he did jot stay with them for at least one hour to pray with them.

I am usually worried when I see people with serious issues pray for days, weeks or even months without getting any under while some people pray for few minutes and get instant results.

I know that God answers prayer but I wanted to know why he did not answer some prayers even from great prayer warriors. I studied the miracles of Jesus and discovered a pattern that showed why God answers prayers.

God wants to know what is in it for him. If God answers your prayer, beyond your getting happy, what else does that do in getting more people to know God.

Here is a practical example. When Jesus was going to a town called Nain, he met a huge crowd carrying the corpse of a dead man, the only son of a widow. Jesus had compassion on the woman and raised the young man and he rose up.

People see the miracle of rising from the dead but most people have never seen the real reason for that miracle. Jesus was spreading the gospel and in those days, information was spread from person to person.

This means that the larger the number of people that witness something, the wider will the spread of that information be. A large crowd was following the corpse and any miracle at that point will spread the gospel far and wide.

Jesus capitalised on that and raised the dead man to life and the bible acknowledge that the news about him was spread far and wide by that particular crowd. Also when blind bathimeus was asking for healing, the benefit to God was a man that would follow him along the way, telling people about God.

The question you need to ask yourself while praying for anything is, what does God stand to gain if he answers my prayer?

Thus, it must be very clear to you when asking God for anything in prayer what God stands to gain. Not what you will give him but what he will benefit long term from answering your prayer.

When Hannah was praying for a child, God as also looking for someone to replace Eli. The moment Hannah said that she will give the child to him, God saw a benefit of getting a replacement for Eli.

So, before praying, ask yourself if the answer to the prayer is to just solve your own problem. If it is, then, you really might not get that answer but if your getting an answer will help more people while you are just a smaller part of the bargain, then be sure that you have a business proposal that God would want to seriously look into.

Look at all the great achievers you know and you will see that God blessed them because they wanted to solve a problem that will help a huge number of people and not because they wanted to get rich.

So, before you pray or go ask people to pray for you, sitting down a discover what benefit the answer to your prayer will bring to God. If you are very sick now, what benefit will your getting a healing bring to God? Will you share the testimony to ten cities like the demon possessed man that Jesus healed or will a healing help you deliver better service a lot of people calling on God for help in an area that you serve?

Clarify this and be sure that God will immediately come to action in your life. Note though that God sees your heart and you can not lie to him. Thus you must first convince yourself about what God stands to gain before you go to him for both of you to reason together as Prophet Isaiah advised

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