Generating Accelerated Growth In A Pharmacy Or Any Business

Accelerated growth can be achieved in any business if the business owner does the following.

  1. UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR BUSINESS CANNOT GROW FASTER THAN YOU – The moment you stop growing mentality and intellectually is when your business starts to die. One of the best things that can happen to any business is the day the owner realises that he or she is the ceiling that will regulate how high the business will grow. If you do a simple check of pharmacy business in Nigeria, you will notice that those that are dying are owned by pharmacists who have stopped reading or attending self development programs.

  2. ACTS FAST ONCE HE SEES A SOLUTION TO HIS PROBLEM – This is one of the biggest secrets to accelerated business growth. The owner of a business must learn to act immediately he or she sees what is beneficial to his or her business. I took a client today to a business school. The school was one of the several that we were supposed to visit but when the course coordinator explained one of the courses to him, he saw that it met his need. Immediately, he registered on the spot without visiting the remaining schools. Unfortunately owners of businesses that remain small see opportunities that will solve their problem but want to try other solutions. By the time the come back to the first solution, someone else would have taken it.

  3. USE PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS – One of my clients was asking me why the biggest book shop in Lagos was on victoria Island. My explanation is that only successful people read top quality business books. And these top quality business books are usually recommended by top quality professional advisors. The solution to whatever problem you have is actually buried in a book somewhere. You need the advise of a professional to know the kind of books where the answer might likely be buried

  4. DEVELOP THEIR TEAM MEMBERS – Its the quality of team members in your business that will determine how fast your business will grow. Even if a new staff will stay just for thirty days, train that staff because for that thirty days, customers will be interacting with that staff. Your customer will judge you based on the quality of service that particular staff delivers to them. Thus it is vital that you train all your team members to offer the kind of value you want to offer to your clients even if that staff is staying for just a few weeks or days.

Accelerated growth is possible in your business if you act on these four points

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