young Nigerian men

A lot of young Nigerian men have shown what it means to be foolish and stupid. How can you still do what you have been told clearly will make you poor and think nothing will happen to you?

I have been running a series of talks for some time now on how to have a wonderful relationship with your wife in 2016. I have been sharing a lot on this because I know from personal experience that your wife can make you very poor. If you do not treat your wife well, poverty is lined up for you especially when she has not done anything to offend you.

I once quarrelled with my wife a few years ago and as I went out to market my products, I did not make a single sales from morning till around 3 pm. I had to apologise to my wife who was with me in the car and at the next customer’s place, I sold the equivalent of what I normally would sell in one week.

I have been inundated with calls from wives of young Nigerian men about the sexual recklessness of their husbands. The painful part is that most of these young Nigerian men were prayer warriors and loving husbands until God blessed them. The moment they were blessed, they would abandon their wives at home and become night crawlers that no longer see the need for God or to respect and treat their wives well.

Well, for young Nigeria men like these, God is warning you. I have posted a video below that I hope will bring you back to your senses.

The core of my message is the warning God gave clearly in Malachi 2:14. Toying with a clear warning is playing with fire. This unfaithfulness needs to stop now. Young Nigerian men need to stop treating their wives like thrash.

Most importantly though, if you are a young Nigerian husband that still treat your wife like your queen, I want to strongly advise you to AVOID THE COMPANY OF YOUNG NIGERIAN MEN THAT CHEAT ON THEIR WIVES.

If you keep their company,its only a matter of time before you too will be enticed and become like them

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