I have taken some time to review a lot of pharmacists who have worked as a medical sales rep for more than five years and I am usually shocked by what I see in their lives.

Most of them cannot boast of any significant achievement and Ironically are still jumping from one company to another. I am usually amazed at the number of pharmacists that send their CV to my seeking for a better job.

Well, I just want to warn young pharmacists of the danger and trap of the life and work of a Pharmaceutical sales rep. The job is very easy to get and usually puts a steady flow of money into your pocket but that is where it ends. Beyond that, there is no future in it for anybody except those who have set a concrete plan for themselves.

Most sales rep because of the busy nature of the job rarely notice the passage of time. They are so busy working to meet their target that they fail to notice the passage of time. Do not allow this to happen to you. Set a definite target of what you want to achieve by your fifth year of working as a rep. Do not allow the pressure of trying to make your sales target distract you from a plan for your life.

The least you can do for yourself is to make sure that you set up a retail pharmacy by the fifth year. Also do not be deceived by title change. Most companies will change your title to a Manager after some years but change very little when it comes to the cash flowing into your account. Realise that its the job of everybody to look after their money. This is why your boss is always on your neck to bring in his money.

So make sure that you take looking after your money your primary responsibility. Aggressively work to grow your income and you work. Set a personal target for yourself that will guarantee you make a certain minimum amount of money every month rather than what usually comes to you. If you do not do this, you will find yourself becoming like some of the haggard looking pharmacists you find at the beginning of the year at PCN office who came to register a premises for someone else at a fee.

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