Exploiting Intern Pharmacist To Grow Your Retail Pharmacy Business


intern pharmacist

An Intern pharmacist is a member of a group of young blooded pharmacists just released fresh from the oven of pharmacy schools. Most Intern pharmacists are so eager to deploy the knowledge they acquired from school but unfortunately, most retail pharmacists have not learnt to exploit the potential of these group of young pharmacists most of whom can can double your sales. An Intern pharmacist is also in the best position to attend to your patients because they just came out of school with fresh knowledge and are not hindered by the brand addictions to old medicines by their older colleague.

The amazing thing about an intern pharmacist is that most of them are not scared of the price tags of expensive products. Once they have read about it and how effective it is in handling a particular ailment, that expensive product will become their drug of choice.

Every retail pharmacy ought to have at least one intern pharmacist on its payroll. They offer you great service at less than the fee you would have paid a full time pharmacist and most of them deliver great results.

However, some pharmacists find their intern pharmacists unproductive. The reason is simple. These young intern pharmacists still need guidance in attending to patients but unfortunately, most pharmacist directors once they employ an intern pharmacist will not bother to give them any training forgetting that the intern pharmacist has never been taught how to manage a business.

Every Retail pharmacy needs an intern pharmacist, at least one. An intern pharmacists will free up your time for you, will cost you lesser and most times will offer you great services. Most importantly, you can learn a lot from a young intern pharmacist because most of them are bubbling with fresh knowledge that they would readily share with you.

But the major reason you might need them is because most intern pharmacist are tech savvy. They understand how to deploy various pharmacy related devices and apps to help grow the revenue of a business.

Yes you may once in a while get an empty headed intern pharmacist like the one I interviewed recently but it should not dissuade you from seeking for an intern pharmacist in your business. Use the money you will pay two sales clerk to pay one intern and I promise you that you will get better value for your money

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